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C32 4W candle filament LED bulbsC32 4W candle filament LED bulbsC32 4W candle filament LED bulbsC32 4W candle filament LED bulbsC32 4W candle filament LED bulbs
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C32 4W candle filament LED bulbs

  • Type: LED filament bulbs
  • Power: 4 watts
  • Input voltage: 220-240 VAC or 100-130 VAC, 50 / 60Hz
  • Light flow: 450lm ± 10%
  • Light beam angle: 360 degrees
  • Color temperature: 2700 K - 6500 K
  • Dimmable: available
  • Lamp base: E12 E14
  • Lamp shape: Exact dimensions of C32 light retrofit
  • Duration: up to 25,000 hours
  • Guarantee: two-year limited warranty based on an average daily use of 4 hours
  • Application: living room, dining room, kitchen, corridor, entrance hall, bar, hotel, shop, bistro, restaurant, etc.
Product description

INNOLITE C32 4W LED filament candle bulbs offers a warmly nostalgic ambient light in your home or commercial area with a classic glass design. This 4W bulb perfectly replaces a 40W incandescent candle bulb with 90% energy savings and 25 times longer life.

Unlike traditional bulbs, Innolite LED filament light bulbs emit a 360 degree omnidirectional angular light without shadows or flicker for over 10 years (based on 4 hours a day). Meanwhile it is also environmentally friendly as it is mercury free and no UV radiation. Even the installation is very simple as the base cap itself.

Meanwhile this bulb can also be dimmed from 10% to 100% by a Traic dimmer for the custom light you love.  


 Model number. 37245
 Force 4W
 Luminous flux 450lm ± 10%
 Equivalent to the bulb 40W
 LED Filament Spec 4 x 38 mm
 Input voltage 220-240 VAC or 110-130 VAC.
 Material Glass
 Color Temp (CCT) 2700 K - 6500 K
 Energy efficiency class A ++
 Beam angle 360 °
 Color rendering index ≥80
 Power factor > 0.5
 starting time <0.5s
 switching cycle ≥12,500
 Lifetime Up to 25,000 hours
 lamp base E12 E14 
 To measure Dia. = 32mm
E12: L = 98mm, E14: L = 99mm

Product certifications

China LED Lighting Supplier

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Model number. Type of light bulb  Wattal (W) LED Filament Spec Luminous flux (lm) Equivalent bulb
37242 C32 2W 2 x38 220lm ± 10% 25W
37246 C32 5.5W 6 X38 550lm ± 10% 50W
37212 C35 2W 2 x38  220lm ± 10% 25W 
  37215  C35 4W 4 x38 450lm ± 10% 40W
37216 C35 5.5 W. 6 x38 550lm ± 10%  50W

Product test report 
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Product display
China LED Lighting Supplier


² The 360 ​​° beam angle offers uniform light distribution without creating shadows
² Up to 90% energy savings with the new LED filament technology: 7 W LED equivalent to a 60 W incandescent bulb
² Retrofit dimensions and classic vintage design for traditional luminous looks
² No flickering to protect human eyes
² The high CRI > 80 guarantees a more vibrant and natural light
² Environmentally friendly: no lead or mercury and no UV or IR radiation
² The long duration lasts up to 10 years (4 hours of use per day)
² dimmable
² Two-year limited warranty based on an average daily use of 4 hours
² With CE / LVD / EMC / RoHS / ErP / SAA / ETL certification


With a warm and soft nostalgic ambient light, Innolite C32 4W candle filament LED bulbs it is ideal for creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere in the living room, dining room, kitchen, corridor, entrance hall, bar, hotel, cafeteria, bistro, restaurant, etc. It is generally used in chandeliers, fixtures for foyers, sconces, recessed coves, ornamental fixtures, etc.

Operation and maintenance

² Ambient temperature range from -20 ° C to 40 ° C.
² Store and use the lamp / lamp in the same way as a traditional lamp / lamp.
² Make sure that the luminaires are connected correctly and do not deliver the voltage tip to the lamp / lamp that causes overheating / malfunction.
² The lamp / lamp must be kept free from contamination.
² Good contact with the lamp holder contacts is important to ensure that the lamp / lamp is working properly.
² Disconnect the mains voltage before installing or removing the lamp / lamp.
² Make sure the lamp / lamp is cold before removing it.

Warning: Cancel use if it is damaged.


1 piece of led bulb per color box, then 100 pieces packed in a normal export carton. (1 pcs / color box, 100 pieces / carton) 

return policy

We provide a FREE two-year LIMITED WARRANTY based on 4-hour average daily use for this product.
The return should be requested
Step 1) Contact us with the e-mail of this site.
Step 2) Provide as many details as possible about the problem you have.
Step 3) The authorization to return the item will be issued.
Step 4) Return the item for the agreed replacement or refund. 


Q1. Are you a producer?
A1: Yes, we are an experienced manufacturer with custom molds and production lines.
Q2.What is the quality of the product?
A2: Our technicians and quality control team test the products one by one using the aging line, devices and professional tools to guarantee the quality of all products. Q3. How much is the price?
A3: We are a manufacturer and always offer our customers the most competitive prices.
Q4. Orders?
A4: contact the online service or send us an e-mail immediately, we will reply soon to the price of the product, to the specifications, to the packaging, etc. Tack.Q5. Can I buy samples from you?
A5: Yes! You are welcome to place trial orders to test our superior quality and service, mixed samples are acceptable.
Q6. Can I visit your factory? 
A6: Yes, welcome to visit our factory at the appropriate time.
Q7. How can I make OEM or ODM orders?
A7: We have different print jobs for different OEM / ODM orders. Please contact us with the online service or send us an e-mail directly.
Q8. How do I pay my orders?
A8: You can pay by T / T, L / C from the point of view would be available for qualified bank and MOQ required for each order.

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