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What are the types of LED light sources?

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There are many types of LED light sources, and the LED light source represents the LED lighting industry. LEDs are referred to as LEDs by LEDs. It is made of compounds such as Ga, As, P, and N (gallium, arsenic, phosphorus, and nitrogen). The LED light source is distributed on the basis of the LED. It is a luminous energy source called an LED light source.

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The types of LED light sources are distributed in the LED lighting industry, and our common LED light sources are available. LED home lighting, LED lighting, LED advertising lighting, LED industrial lighting, LED traffic lighting, LED equipment lighting, LED electronic lighting and so on. So many types can be collectively referred to as LED light sources. The LED light source is a big noun and also contains the energy of LED lighting.

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We refine the LED advertising lighting source, which includes three categories: LED light box light source, LED light word source, and LED display cabinet light source. LED home lighting includes home use lighting and LED home landscaping lighting. LED lighting is actually the night view of the city we saw at night. Including the building's LED wall washer, exterior light source, LED buried lights and other lighting equipment. LED industrial light sources are industrial equipment lighting. LED traffic light sources include automotive lighting, street lights, signal lights and other lighting. LED electronic light sources contain LED backlights.