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Application of natural spectrum LEDs in health lighting and high-end commercial lighting

With the continuous improvement of living standards, health issues have received more and more attention. Light is one of the main driving forces of the human circadian rhythm system. The circadian rhythm is generated in the brain and regulates the physiological rhythm through body tissues and organs, affecting hormone secretion levels and wake-up cycles. In order to improve the quality of lighting products, LED manufacturers have gradually changed from high-efficiency and long-life in the past to high-quality, healthier lighting products.

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In recent years, China's LED lighting market has shifted from decorative lighting, outdoor lighting, indoor lighting to intelligent lighting, high-end lighting, and will develop into health lighting and human lighting in the future. The future lighting will be people-oriented, not only to meet the corresponding illumination, brightness and convenient control, but also to create healthy, comfortable and efficient lighting according to people's use of scenes, lighting needs, physiological and psychological characteristics, and provide good health and well-being. Illuminated light environment.

There are five major factors in health lighting. The importance, progress and related standards of health lighting are analyzed from the aspects of light and dark visual effects, the influence of blue light on the retina, the non-visual effect of light, and the circadian rhythm of the human body. At present, health lighting is mainly used in medical, classroom, home, office and other fields. In hospital lighting, medical institutions are using people-centered lighting, adding cooler color temperatures in the staff area, allowing employees to be vigilant during shifts; using warm color temperatures in patient rooms to keep patients comfortable during rest and recovery. In terms of classroom lighting, the school is also using people-oriented lighting, and to make students quiet or refreshed according to the time of day. In commercial lighting, the proper lighting color temperature effect can make the office environment more natural and comfortable, while increasing productivity.

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In commercial lighting and museum lighting, different functional areas, products/exhibits have different requirements for illumination uniformity, glare, color temperature, color rendering, and illumination. It is necessary to use general lighting to achieve uniform illumination of the entire scene; it is also necessary to use local lighting to highlight the products/exhibitions and create different visual effects, so that the audience can better appreciate the exhibits.

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Due to the low energy consumption of LED lighting and the extremely low UV and infrared components, it can meet the functional requirements of museum lighting, that is, to correctly express the shape, color and texture of the exhibits through illumination, while controlling glare, shadows, etc., to prevent the exhibits from being heated. Damage from radiation and ultraviolet radiation. Moreover, the dimming function of the LED makes the control of the illuminance relatively easy. In actual work, after removing the ultraviolet and infrared rays of the light source, it is best to use an artificial light source close to daylight, and mastering the influence of dominant color is necessary for restoring the work. CRI, CQS, IES TM30-15 light source color rendering Rf, Rg dual indicators and museum lighting specifications, lighting quality and lighting design, lighting design and LED light source.