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Warning that the LED lamp was returned due to color temperature deviation

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-06-12

LED products, the color temperature related to the LED lighting products show the color characteristics, the general lighting also has color temperature specifications, the higher the color temperature, the lower the human comfort. A few days ago, a group of LED lights produced by a company in Yuyao exported to Denmark were not returned to the country for rework due to color temperature not meeting customer requirements.

What is "color temperature"

Color temperature, as the name suggests, is the color temperature, which is an indicator of the color of white light. The light that people usually see is composed of the spectrum of 7 shades of light, but some of them are blue and some are red. “Color temperature” is a method used to measure and calculate the color components of light. In physics, the color temperature is to heat a standard black body. When the temperature rises to a certain degree, the color begins to change from dark red to reddish-orange-white-blue. When the light source is the same color as the black body, we will The absolute temperature at the time of the black body is called the color temperature of the light source and the unit is K (Kelvin).

A few days ago, a group of LED lights produced by a company in Yuyao exported to Denmark could not be returned to the country for rework because the color temperature did not meet customer requirements. The Ningbo Customs inspection and supervision staff immediately investigated the goods in accordance with the requirements of the import and return cargo process. After field investigation, it was found that the specific reason for the return was that the quality of the lamp beads provided by the LED lamp beads suppliers was unstable. As a result, the actual color temperature of most of the LED lamps was larger than the customer's confirmed sample sealing deviation, resulting in customer sales difficulties that could only be returned for rectification.

Similar incidents have occurred infrequently, before a group of LED film and television lights produced by a film and television equipment company in Yuyao exported to Canada were returned for the same reason. The LED lamp beads supplier's lamp beads quality is not stable, resulting in the actual color temperature of most LED television lights in the 6000K or so, higher than the customer's request 5300-5900K color temperature range, high color temperature makes the color of the light blue, on the film and television Production will have an adverse effect.

LED products, an important specification is the color temperature, which relates to the color characteristics of LED lighting products, general lighting also has color temperature specifications, the higher the color temperature, the lower the human comfort. The LED packaging technology currently used can obtain different color temperature LED white light sources by using different excitation wavelength phosphors and adjusting the amount or proportion of phosphors. The color temperature can be generally divided into warm white (2700-4500K) and positive white ( Natural white, 4500-6500K), cool white (6500K or more) three. The low color temperature light source has a relatively high proportion of yellow light, while the high color temperature light source has a relatively high percentage of blue light. Lighting is not only for lighting, but also plays a role in beautifying the decoration and adjusting mood. For example, the living room can choose to be white, giving people a bright sense of security, but also not too dazzling, so that the living room looks wider; the study can be Choosing cool white gives people a fresh and refreshing feeling, which makes it easier to improve work and study efficiency. The restaurant is suitable for warm white light and warm atmosphere. Such as the national standard "GB29294-2012 LED downlight performance requirements" in the provisions, it is recommended that the relevant LED color of household LED downlight does not exceed 5000K, the standard specifies 5700K and 6500K related color temperature LED downlight is limited to commercial lighting.

To this end, it is recommended that relevant export companies: on the one hand, strengthen product inspection and control capabilities. Because the color temperature of the LED is somewhat biased, mainly due to the difference in the proportion of phosphors in the packaging process, but the naked eye can not distinguish the basic, so the LED ball beads purchased for each batch of quantitative measurement of the integrating sphere to ensure the color temperature The optical parameters, such as the index, meet the standards or customer requirements. On the other hand, it is highly concerned with warning information. Referring to the notification recall, the sensitive issues involved in foreign returns, and high-risk quality and safety projects, we will make efforts to clarify the specific product requirements and solutions that we need to grasp to promote sustainable export growth.

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