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Halogen lamps disappear within 2 years or disappear from Australia

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-06-11
Promote efficient and environmentally friendly LED lights Halogen lamps disappear within 2 years or disappear from Australia

According to an Australian report on May 28, the British media said that as the industry and the Australian government promote more efficient and environmentally friendly LED lamps, halogen lamps will disappear from Australia within the next two years.

Australian government officials announced a halogen lamp ban at the May Minister of Environment and Meeting of Directors. Although the ban will not take effect until September 2020, the Lighting Council Australia estimates that the halogen lamp may gradually disappear from the store after 12 months.

The president, Richard Mulcahy, said that manufacturers would act early to phase out halogen lamps and that most household halogen lamps could be replaced with LED lamps. He said: "A lot of consumers now prefer LED products. Halogen lamp sales continue to decrease. High-quality LED lamps last 5-15 times longer than halogen lamps, and emit the same amount of light as a maximum of 1/4 energy."

Halogen lamps consume 4 times more energy than LED lamps. The Australian government estimates that the replacement of LED lights will save Australian consumers 1.48 billion Australian dollars (about 7.1 billion yuan) within 10 years.

Mr. Marchakhi said that although the details of the ban and the phase-out period have not yet been confirmed, it is estimated that there will not be much exemption. He said: "Halogens are manufactured overseas and imported into Australia. We anticipate that there will be a clear date for the phase-out of halogen lamps. Until then, halogen lamps can no longer be imported into Australia. We will also set an exemption period in China. Processing inventory already in this country."

He added: "We estimate that there will be exemptions - such as oven lights, because these need to operate in high temperatures. But unless a certain product meets the exemption, we expect the halogen lamp will not appear in the market soon."

According to a survey conducted by the Australian Ministry of Environment in 2016, 32% of Australian residents use halogen lamps (power supply voltage and low voltage), 15% use LEDs, 13% use incandescent lamps, 31% use energy-saving lamps, and 9% use fluorescent lamps. tube. Overall, 55% of households use high-efficiency luminaires such as LEDs and fluorescent lamps, and 45% use low-efficiency bulbs(China LED string lights factory).