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The technical principle of LED explosion-proof lamps

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innotech
  • Release on:2018-09-20

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Because LED is a solid-state cold light source, it has the advantages of high electro-optical conversion efficiency, low heat generation, low power consumption, safe voltage and low voltage, long service life, etc., and low energy consumption; therefore, high-power white LED is an explosion-proof lamp, especially An ideal electric light source for portable explosion-proof lamps.

LED explosion-proof lamp, patent zone road sealing technology; more in line with national explosion-proof new technology. The utility model relates to an electrical device used in a special industry, which mainly solves the lighting problem, and comprises a lamp housing, a lamp cover disposed at the front end of the lamp housing, an illuminant and a battery disposed inside the lamp housing, and a switch disposed on the surface of the lamp housing, wherein the switch is characterized in that The illuminant is a high-power LED module, and a wide voltage input driving circuit is arranged between the illuminant and the battery; the wide voltage input driving circuit comprises a constant current chip, the constant current chip and the battery form a power module, and the LED module is connected On the constant current chip, the power module and the LED module are glued together; ultrasonic welding is performed between the lamp cover and the lamp housing.

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It utilizes the characteristics of low heat generation of LED to achieve intrinsically safe explosion-proof, and the LED light source has a long service life; the battery maintains constant brightness at the end of full charge and discharge; the heat dissipation device is arranged on the lamp housing to achieve effective heat dissipation of the LED module It guarantees the stability of use and is suitable for lighting in various industries such as coal mine, petroleum, railway and flood control.

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Applicable to hazardous areas in Zone 1, Zone 2, IIA, IIB, IIC explosive gas environment.

Applicable to hazardous areas in Zone 0 and Zone 21, IA, IB, IC explosive gas environment.