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The future of the plant lighting industry

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innotech
  • Release on:2018-08-02

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In the field of plant lighting, as one of the fastest growing agricultural lighting fields in recent years, LED has obvious advantages in plant lighting because of its high luminous efficiency, low heat generation, small size and long life. Plant lighting and other LED lighting With the maturity of technology, companies have moved from the general lighting market to the field of plant lighting, and plant lighting has broad prospects.

Then, in the process of development, what are the current problems of LED plant lighting? What is the current proportion of LED in plant lighting? What is the future development trend of LED plant lighting in comparison with LED lighting and other light sources? At the plant lighting conference held recently, the guests discussed this in detail.

1. How do you view the current development of the entire plant lighting industry?

The future of the plant lighting industry should be very optimistic. From the current sales volume of plant products, whether it is the leaf of the entry or the ingredients of health, it will even become the medicine of the future trend, whether it is domestic or Taiwan. The prices of these products are getting higher and higher, and the future of plant lighting must have a bright future. The premise is that your product must be distinctive.

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The product has its own characteristics. The next step in determining whether the industry(Plastic with Aluminum LED bulb supplier) is successful is to see who can successfully execute the commercial marketing model. The life cycle of plant products is very short, but many people will not sell, and the products cannot be sold. In fact, products need different routes. From fresh vegetables to processed products, from semi-finished products to finished products, when products become diversified, the channels of sales become diversified. Sales naturally go up.