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Several details to be aware of when choosing a luminaire

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innotech
  • Release on:2018-08-01

The lamps in the decoration are basically the last one, and you must pay attention to a few details when selecting the lamps. The primary task of lighting at home is lighting, followed by decorative effects, and now the price of design-style lamps is generally higher.

The light source of the luminaire should be soft: the softness of the light(China LED string lights manufacturer) source can be compared by comparison, especially the LED light source. The high color temperature LED light source has higher light efficiency and relatively low cost, and the probability of yellow spot disease under long-term use is relatively large. The country stipulates that the color temperature of LED lighting should not exceed 4000K.

In the case of limited budget, when choosing lamps, the living room and dining room are generally the master's door face can choose high quality and high price lamps, and the bedroom is biased towards simple lamps.

The size of the lamp: it can be a little larger, it is not recommended to be too small. The choice of lamps is too large to appear atmospheric in the whole space. If the lamps are too small, the whole room is stingy. This detail must be noted.

Three-color dimming is not necessary: ​​three-color dimming is controlled by a driver. This driver is a consumable item. It is easy to break. It does not need to be replaced without affecting normal use. There is no need to choose when selecting the lamp. There are three-color dimming lamps.

The style of the luminaire: the style of the luminaire must be matched with the overall style of the home. The color is best coordinated with the color of the home and wallpaper at home.

The material of the luminaire: high-quality lamps are very particular in the material selection and materials. The plating layer is also a detail of the choice of modern luminaires. The general luminaire plating layer is 2-3 layers, and the time is long. It is prone to rust spots, and the high-quality plating layer has high requirements on the process. It will not oxidize for a long time and the rust spots will be slightly higher.

There are details of the crystal lamp that should be paid attention to in the later stage: many modern style lamps also like to add some crystal to decorate. The care of the crystal lamp is very convenient. It can be wiped clean with a rag that wrings out the water, which is very simple.