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The difference of LED Tube Lights and ordinary fluorescent

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2017-12-22
 With the development of science and technology, LED Tube Lights has begun to gradually enter the organs, shopping malls, underground parking, saving a lot of electricity, but also to contribute to energy saving, there are more and more units, the school began to replace the traditional fluorescent LED Tube Lights(LED Tube Light manufacturer china). But it is very different from ordinary fluorescent lamps.
Ordinary fluorescent lamp: Fluorescent lamps at both ends of each lamp, the lamp is filled with trace amounts of argon and rare mercury vapor, the lamp wall coated with phosphor, the gas between the two filaments emit ultraviolet light when the conductive phosphor Issued soft visible light. When the lamp starts to ignite, it needs a high voltage, and when it is normal, it only allows small current to pass through. At this time, the voltage across the lamp is lower than the power supply voltage.

Led Tube Lights(best led Tube supplier china) with high quality, durability, energy saving as the main features, the projection angle adjustment range, 15W brightness equivalent to ordinary 40W fluorescent lamp. High temperature, moisture-proof, leak-proof. The use of voltage: 110V, 220V optional cover optional glass or PC material. Lamp and ordinary fluorescent lamp the same. LED tubes using the latest LED light source technology, digital design, saving up to 70% or more, 12W LED Tube Lights intensity equivalent to 40W of fluorescent tubes (for ballasts and starters, 36W fluorescent lamp real Power consumption is 42W to 44W). LED Tube Lights life of more than 10 times the ordinary lamp, almost maintenance-free, no need
 frequently replace the lamp, ballast, starter. Green semiconductor light source, soft light, pure spectrum, is conducive to the user's eyesight protection and physical health. 6000K cold light source gives the visual feeling of cool, human differences in illumination design, but also help to focus and improve efficiency.

It should be noted that the LED Tube Lights must be waterproof, to avoid the humid air into difficult to discharge, the long-term corrosion inside the electrical components, may also cause short circuit, damage to the electrical components inside, or may cause a fire. 

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