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Laser marking machine LED lights even more grade

  • Author:INNOTECH
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2017-12-25
In order to be able to cater more to consumers' love, more and more enterprises are now beginning to handle the design and product processing, and strive to make the consumers favor through personalized design and unique processing methods. Especially for the marking of the LED lamp(antique LED bulbs manufacturer china), the current LED lamp is structurally more complicated than the traditional incandescent lamp, so the traditional processing method can not effectively meet the processing needs.

The current laser marking machine marks are different, laser marking is the use of high-energy laser light on the workpiece partial exposure, the surface layer material vaporization or color changes in the chemical reaction, leaving a permanent mark of a marking method. The entire process using a computer to control, without human intervention, but now the LED laser marking machine, also uses a multi-station, automatic rotation of the design, so fully able to effectively adapt to the current LED lamp(LED bulbs energy saving china) processing needs. 

At the same time it is small, with no light leakage, anti-high reverse characteristics, even in the aluminum, copper, silver and other high anti-material processing will not appear shady and hypnosis and so on. The current laser marking machine can also be automated production, marking the same time, the two lamp, the working efficiency is several times the original traditional processing methods, which is now the LED lamp industry has an important role.

The emergence of LED laser marking machine, LED lighting is bound to further enhance the production capacity and quality, so now LED lamp(cheap LED bulbs supplier china) industry more rapidly.