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Teach you how to choose the LED lamp that is applicable to the restaurant

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-03-26
First of all, we must know that the restaurant should use low-color LED lights(Dimmable LED Filament light Bulbs), diffuse light, not dazzling, and with a natural light, more friendly and gentle. The color temperature of the fluorescent lamp is high, and the face of a person looks pale and blue in the light, and the color of the food is also changed. Of course, the lighting can also be a hybrid light source, that is, a combination of a low color temperature lamp and a high color temperature lamp. The hybrid lighting effect is very close to daylight, and the light source is not monotonous and can be selected.
Secondly, we must know that there are more than one part of the lighting in the restaurant, and we also use related auxiliary lights to play a role in setting off the dining environment. There are many ways to use auxiliary lights, such as lighting in restaurant furniture (glass cabinets, etc.), partial lighting of artworks, decorations, etc. Auxiliary lighting is not for lighting, but to use the light and shadow effect to set off the environment(china energy saving LED bulbs manufacturer), so the illumination is lower than the light on the dining table. Under the premise of highlighting the main light source, the arrangement of light and shadow must be ordered and not disturbed.

Finally, we must know that people's choice of restaurant lighting is easy to fall into the mistaken form of emphasizing lighting. The lighting of the restaurant is local lighting. For the lamp on the dining table, the lighting in the countertop area should be generally under-covered, multi-headed, and combination lamps(waterproof LED Flood Light); the lighting style and the restaurant's overall decoration style should be the same To meet the soft, bright and natural lighting requirements required for the restaurant atmosphere; it is generally not appropriate to use lamps that face upwards, as this is inconsistent with the dining experience.