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Nine lighting styles

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innotech
  • Release on:2018-09-10

1 Chinese style lighting

Chinese-style lighting frames are generally made of solid wood. Generally, the harder and heavier the wood is.

At the time of production, it mainly performs techniques such as hollowing out or engraving. In addition to direct carving, it can also be combined with some other materials to make external lampshades, such as glass, sheepskin, fabric, etc., to fully display the simplicity and elegance of Chinese lighting.

2 classical style lighting

Classical style can be subdivided into Gothic, Baroque and Rococo styles.

The tall, sharp candlestick chandelier is perfect for mysterious Gothic style.

In the Baroque style, crystal lamps, candlestick lamps, marble lamps, etc. are commonly used, and the pattern can be selected from scrolls, portrait columns, fountains, and pools.

In the Rococo style, the dreamy romantic crystal lamp and candlestick lamp are the first choice, and the shape should be exquisite and delicate, round and smooth.

3 Nordic style lighting

The Scandinavian style is fresh and emphasizes the original taste of the material. It is suitable for simple and mixed lighting, such as white, gray and black original wood lamps.

Nordic-style lighting sometimes does not seem to have a complicated shape, but it is repeatedly crafted in terms of craftsmanship and is very light and practical to use.

4 modern style lighting

The modern style lighting design is based on the concept of fashion and simplicity. Most of them are modern metal materials. The appearance and shape are mainly based on different expression techniques. The lines are slender and tough, and the colors are white, black and metallic.

5 American country style lighting

The American neo-classical style is suitable for matching with crystal lamps or copper metal lighting, bringing a long-lasting precipitation of retro atmosphere. Crystals are easy to create an elegant atmosphere.

The American country style can choose a more versatile wrought iron lighting, introducing a rich natural charm of the countryside, smooth and meticulous and smooth. Iron has a simple and rough character that can add nostalgic feelings to the American space.

6 industrial style lighting

Industrial style lighting generally chooses metal, hemp rope, etc. as decorative materials, and chooses the industrial image as the lighting shape, which is very creative. The lampshade is usually in the shape of a metal dome, and the surface is made of enamel or imitated with galvanized iron.

Choose from minimalist chandeliers or retro-style art bulbs and even neon lights. In order to express the rough space atmosphere, the fabric-woven wires and the variable-shaped bulbs are essential elements of industrial style lighting.

7 European neo-classical style lighting

European neo-classical lighting can be matched with classical lighting with design sense. Candlestick lamps, crystal lamps, marble lamps and wrought iron lamps are more suitable. There are many lightings to choose from. If you match them properly, you can achieve good decorative effects.

The European neo-classical style living room usually uses chandeliers. The round crystal chandeliers are the most popular. The complex shape is very layered. It has both European-style elegance and romance, and also incorporates modern design elements.

8 Southeast Asian style lighting

The lighting style has obvious regional national characteristics, and more uses pictographic design methods, such as copper shower lights, hand-knocked copper chandeliers with rough texture, and some elephant-shaped lamps such as elephants.

Southeast Asian style lighting is generally simple in color, mostly in dark wood. In order to be close to nature, most of them are taken locally. Shells, coconut shells, vines, and dead trunks are all materials for lighting. Many of them will be decorated with tassels.

9 Mediterranean style lighting

Mediterranean-style chandeliers not only have a lot of bold use in color, but also have many innovations in styling.

More representative are chandeliers with a fan shape and a flower shape; Mediterranean-style lamps will be in the lampshade. The Mediterranean-style wall lamps are often designed to resemble the unique mermaid, rudder and shells of the Mediterranean.

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