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New technology for bird repeller: LED screen shows "big eyes" to scare away birds

  • Author:Innolite
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-10-17

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Although it sounds like a piece of text, scientists have indeed found a new technology for airport bird repelling - use LED screens to display a pair of black circles! It is well known that if a plane collides with a bird during take-off and landing, it is likely to have catastrophic consequences. In order to reduce the risk, the researchers have tried many methods, but the results are not very significant. In order to better understand the response of birds to different types of visual stimuli, scientists at the National Centre for Scientific Research in France and Rennes University conducted more than 300 tests on captured raptors.

According to the report, the display of two concentric black circles on a white background can create an "imminent" effect, causing birds to mistakenly think that an impending collision will occur.

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The researchers tested the Lourdes-Tarbes-Pyrénées airport in France, adjacent to the summer hunting grounds, and raptors such as vultures.

They placed two LED screens in important areas at both ends of the airport runway, and then displayed the pattern around the clock, deliberately letting the birds see and actively evade.

Surprisingly, the Raptor has gathered in an area that is invisible to the screen. Even after five weeks of continuous placement, the effect is still very good. In addition, the system can also prevent the closeness of the crow, such as crows, magpies and so on.

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Now, this technology can be used not only at the airport, but also in scenarios such as wind farms to prevent birds from colliding with turbine blades.

Details of the study have been published in the recently published journal PLOS ONE. Original title: "Wide-eyed glare scares raptors: From laboratory evidence to applied management"