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Looking for the right bulb shape? It’s all in the detail

OK, so you’ve got your freshly renovated room almost where you want it: from the newly-installed timber beams to the exposed brick walling and upholstered vintage chairs.

China professional LED lighting supplier

But you could be missing one little detail to finish the look your desire – the shape of your bulbs.

Bulbs – LED bulbs in particular – are rapidly becoming integral to every interior designer’s arsenal. You just need to cast your eyes across any trendy bar in the heart of the European’s leading cities to see how the right bulb shape and size can add a fresh twist to industrial and contemporary backdrops alike.

This article will help you find the right bulb shape to give any room a lighting facelift. Below is a quick guide to all the bulb shapes and their most complementary settings.

Globe bulbs

             Globe shape LED filament bulbs from Innolite

Globe shaped bulbs are larger than standard bulbs and are inherently decorative in nature as the filament glistens from the centre, dominating the surrounding area. With this in mind, they’re perfect for open areas and look fantastic when suspended from high ceilings and beams. They look particularly eye-catching and decadent when fitted with a bare pendant lamp – a look which is very in-vogue at the moment.

Golf ball bulbs

        Golf ball shape LED filament bulbs from Innolite
             Golf ball shape LED filament bulbs from Innolite

If you’re looking for something a little more subtle, then classic golf ball shaped bulbs are ideal. They’re best fitted within a lamp – hanging or standing – and can be used to illuminate smaller areas to great effect, whether for practical or decorative purposes.

Candle shape

Candle Shape LED filament bulbs

                     Candle Shape LED filament bulbs from Innolite

Elegant, compact and attractive, candle shaped bulbs are ideal for traditional settings. They look fantastic when fitted within open chandeliers – traditional and re-imagined styles alike – and a welcoming warm white colour tone creates an atmosphere that’s complementary to areas where your hosting skills needs to be on-point.

Flame tip bulb

          Tailed Candle LED filament bulbs from Innolite

                      Tailed Candle LED filament bulbs from Innolite

A flame tip bulb offers a different twist on the traditional candle shaped bulb. The extra flick at the end offers a touch of decadent style that’s befitting of Gothic revival backdrops. Like their traditional counterpart, flame tip bulbs are also best suited in exposed chandeliers.

Teardrop bulb

        Teardrop shape LED filament bulbs from Innolite

                  Teardrop shape LED filament bulbs from Innolite

Looking to create an industrial vibe? Then the teardrop bulb will help you get the look. They’re quite large and are best exposed in their full glory – such as within a hanging pendant lamp for all to see.

Standard bulb

       Standard A60 LED Filament bulbs from Innolite

                         Standard A60 LED Filament bulbs from Innolite

It doesn’t always have to be about show-stopping teardrop bulbs or ornate flame tipped lighting – the standard shaped bulb still has a place in our hearts and is incredibly versatile. In fact, you can use a standard bulb pretty much anywhere apart from smaller lamps where their size may be an issue.

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