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LED plant lighting market status and development trend

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innotech
  • Release on:2018-10-31
At present, agricultural lighting is applied to microalgae cultivation of microbes, cultivation of edible fungi, poultry farming, aquaculture, conservation of crustaceans, and the most widely used plant cultivation, and there are more and more types of applications. In particular, plant lighting has entered a stage of rapid development after the introduction of plant plant technology.

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Light effect
Light efficiency is the ability to convert electrical energy into light energy. The higher the light efficiency, the higher the power performance and the lower the power cost. Plant lighting users are concerned with the overall lighting efficiency (unit: μmol / J). As a plant lamp supplier, it is necessary to improve the overall lighting effect of the plant lamp from the light effect of the lamp and the design of the lamp. Red light (660nm) lamp beads, the market's luminous efficiency is as high as 3.17μmol/J, and blue light (450nm) light efficiency is about 2.5μmol/J. In the violet band, the light efficiency of the lamp is low. The light effect of the mixed color lamp beads is about 2.5 μmol/J.

How light is used
Plant lighting replaces sunlight, but it is completely controllable. The daylight hours, light intensity, and spectral changes are all controllable. How to improve power performance by controlling the way light is used is a problem that most plant lighting users will pay attention to. The total amount of photosynthetic radiation (DLI) refers to the total amount of light accumulated by a plant in a unit area (per square meter) for 24 hours. Plant lighting users, especially plant factory users, pay more attention to the "saturation" of the total photosynthetic radiation of plants, so as not to cause waste of light energy and electrical energy.

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System solutions
The characteristics of high input and high production cost require that crop production in plant factories must be efficient. Different from the traditional planting environment, the environmental factors of the plant are completely controllable, which is the basis for efficient production of plant factories. At present, the industry mainly realizes efficient production of plant factories from intelligent management systems, expert planting techniques and automated operation platforms.

Intelligent management systems, such as IoT-based plant factory intelligent management and control technology, PLC-based plant factory monitoring system, plant platform control system based on embedded platform. Through these control systems, online detection, remote access, program update and networked intelligent control of plant plant temperature, humidity, illumination, co2 concentration and nutrient solution Ec, pH, Do and other elements are realized.

Expertized planting techniques. Plant factories are different from traditional planting methods. Whether it is other professionals, traditional agricultural professionals, investment or management plant factories, expert planting technology needs and guidance are essential. The growth and development of plants is the result of the interaction of wind, light, water, nutrients, gas and bacteria. At present, there are research data on the coupling of light and temperature, CO2 interaction and nutrient coupling, and the interaction between more factors is even rarer. These systems are based on the system design based on the interaction of growth factors, but the formation of expert programs requires more planting data support.

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In order to save labor costs, automated operating systems are also the focus of the industry. Xu Saichao;Mao Hanping;Liu Yang et al. Designed and experimented on the end of lettuce harvesting mechanism; Zhou Yabo, Mao Pingping, Hu Shengliang and others designed and tested the automatic handling device for plant plant cultivation boards; Automated cultivation of plant factory developed by Jingpeng Global Technology system.

In addition, plant lighting users have corresponding technical requirements for the waterproof level, illumination angle, heat dissipation system, lamp life, spectral effective life and light decay of the lamp.