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LED light source and the difference between LED lamps

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-02-28
In the eyes of ordinary people, LED light source and LED lamps appear the same, but in the eyes of professionals in the eyes of these two concepts are completely different. From a professional point of view, LED light source and LED lamps have a very significant difference, this article will be for this difference to carry out a multi-faceted comparison, interested friends Come take a closer look.

LED light source is provided by LED lamp or LED module.LED(shen zhen LED bulbs energy saving) lamp is designed to use LED light source lamps. A luminaire (luminaire) is defined as "an appliance that distributes, reveals or transforms one or more lamps to emit light and includes all the necessary components to support, secure and protect the lamp (but not the lamp itself) and the necessary Circuit auxiliary devices and their connection with the power supply. "
Light source is used by lamps. Light metaphor for the source of water, the lamp metaphor for the spring.LED light source can be used in downlight, but also can be used in road lighting. Understanding LED lights or LED tunnel lights as "light sources" can not be reused by other luminaires, contrary to the notion of 'luminaires' using 'light sources'. As the LED light source performance parameters have not yet reached the level of standardization, and many lamps use LED light source can not be replaced, so the concept of light efficiency has also been misused LED lighting products.

Luminous efficacy of LED(china LED bulbs on sale) lamps in the formula ---- Luminous flux refers to the light source into the lamp, while using the required LED control device or LED control device after the light emitted by the lamp flux. The power of the LED control device or the LED control device can be monolithic, built-in or stand-alone. Lamps using LED light sources may use reflectors, diffuser plates, or lenses.

The denominator of the LED light source luminous efficacy formula and the denominator meaning of the performance of LED lamps are not the same. For example, for a non-integrated LED module, the power consumed by the LED light source only refers to the power consumed by the LED module, excluding the power consumed by the LED control device. The consumed power in the LED fixture performance refers to the input power of the fixture , Including not only the LED light source, but also the power consumed by the LED control device, which consumes more electrical power than the LED light source consumes.
Due to the range of luminous flux and electric power involved, the efficiency of LED light source is different from that of LED lamps. The efficiency of light source is far greater than that of lamp. One is the increase of junction temperature and the decrease of light output (heat loss) after LED enters the lamp. The second is the light source into the lamp, and the use of LED control device or its power supply after the existence of the system loss; the third is the loss of light through the lamp optical system, the lamp efficiency (light loss) From the above analysis we can see that the light source light Efficiency and lighting efficiency is completely different, can not be confused. Can see, LED lamps and LED light source in the luminous flux, input power, protection level has a more obvious difference. This shows the concept of lamps and light in the different is still very obvious. Prior to the official exposure to LED-related knowledge, it is better to spend some time to read this article, find out the difference between lamps and light sources.

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