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Upgrade home LED lighting, these things must pay attention

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-02-27
Have you considered upgrading lighting? The following are common mistakes most people make and read them carefully to avoid any detours.

Buying inconsistent light distribution may be the most common problem with upgrades.LED(best led bulbs supplier) lights and fixtures tend to have more directional output. So, for example, spill light will be much less if LEDs are used instead of halogen lamps. This spill is actually useful, such as the walls that light a hotel corridor. Likewise, if you replace a fluorescent lamp with an LED, one-third of the walls are best avoided in the shadows:. The first purchase sample to buy is too dark or too bright, and you can not just match the light output (measured in lumens or lumens) if you are considering replacing the fluorescent light with an LED. Since LED lights are directional, the same light output may get more light from the LED but note that the light output on the data sheet may be exaggerated, and the different light distribution will make the room appear dimmer the best way to avoid method:. Buy reputable brands, inspect samples on existing fixtures or test samples in the lab.
Buying a lamp is too "cold" A color temperature is a measure of the color of a light source in K (Kelvin). General incandescent lamp is 2700K, halogen lamp is 3200K. If you replace these fixtures with 5000K LEDs, the space will look cold the best way to avoid:. Checking Specifications and Buying a Sample Buying a Color Rendering Lamp The Color Rendering Index is a measure of the color in which light is rendered, ie, CRI Typically, you need a lamp with a CRI of 80 or 90. A weakness of LED(china LED bulbs on sale)lamps is R9 ( Red) value because it is not included in the CRI measurement to ensure that R9 also exceeds 80%, otherwise the red looks dull The best way to avoid :. CRI value to supplier
LEDs Not Compatible with Dimmers Dimming LEDs on incandescent or halogen-specific dimmers do not work well. In fact, at a low level, they tend to flicker and flash. This is because incandescent and halogen lamps provide a standard resistive load for the dimmer, while LED circuits do not match the load, and sometimes both sets of electronic equipment are trying to dominate, leading to the best way to avoid component failure: Test the dimmer with an LED, or add a "dummy load" such as an incandescent lamp.

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