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It is reported that by 2027, LED-based garden lighting market will reach 3.8 billion USD

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-04-19
According to the latest report from Navigant Research, in 2027, revenue of lighting products for global gardening applications is expected to amount to 3.8 billion dollars. The report pointed out that LEDs have improved efficiency, increased returns, and achieved higher profits. In addition, the company stated that lighting companies (Equivalent Bulbs LED Bulbs Supplier) Provides LED-tunable solutions to support factories at all stages of their growth cycle.

This increases the adjustability, allowing farmers to change the light output, find the perfect light recipe and maximize the yield and growth of different types of crops.
"Growth in the market for horticultural LED applications (dimmable LED lights) Has helped to reduce the cost of installing luminaires and promote further adoption of LED technology, "said Courtney Marshall, Research Analyst at Navigant Research." Since vendors want to upgrade their products through high-quality research, this feedback loop creates a market environment characterized by innovation and experiments between more affordable prices and higher adoption levels. "

Navigant pointed out that the industry does not have a complete one size fits all method. The lack of this approach provides the opportunity for start-ups and the current collaboration between companies and universities to provide proven and scalable garden lighting (Customers)60W equivalent LED lights energy saving).

Economies of scale created by more efficient growth companies have attracted big names like Amazon and Alphabet. In addition, Navigant said that developing countries in parts of Asia-Pacific have expressed interest in using better-growing technologies, especially in areas of pollution, water shortage and food safety issues. More and more indoor farms have emerged around the world, which has resulted in market penetration having a market potential, resulting in an increased rate of acceptance for garden lighting at LED bases.