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Internet of things can promote LED industry recovery soon.

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-04-18
Due to the influence of China's red supply chain, LED prices have fallen so badly that if the LED industry wants to recreate its glory, it will inevitably find another way out. The Taiwan Optoelectronics Semiconductor Industry Association (TOSIA) celebrated its 10th anniversary. During the celebration, participants pointed out that compared with the semiconductor and circuit board industries, LED industry technology is highly replaced. Therefore, the transformation of manufacturing mode and intelligent street lamps New technologies and applications are even more important.

Zhuang Yuanping, chairman of the Taiwan Optoelectronics Semiconductor Industry Association, said that the rise of China has led to a lot of experience in Taiwan. Therefore, the LED industry in Taiwan has been operating very hard in recent years. Therefore, the association constantly thinks about how to make Taiwan's LED industry(vintage LED bulbs for home) reborn, such as the development of other applications than traditional lighting, such as the Internet of Things. The association also expects the LED industry to rejuvenate itself through upstream and downstream integration.
Liu Junting, vice president of the Institute of Industrial Technology, said that compared to the LED industry, the gross profit margin of the semiconductor industry is relatively high. Since every circuit is different from the circuit board, there are many design technologies and it is difficult to be replaced, but LED Due to the high similarity, it is easier to be replaced and therefore it is not easy to operate. But even so, the outlook for the LED industry(aluminum COB LED Floodlights) is still optimistic. Through the creation of smart systems, it will be able to assist Taiwan's industries in transition. On the product side, the industry has invested a lot of resources in Micro-LEDs in recent years. It will be a part of the demand after the backlight module lighting, and I believe that more and more good news will be released later. In addition, through the transformation of smart street lamps and other service systems, Liu Junting believes that the LED industry is still promising.

The Taiwan Optoelectronics Semiconductor Industry Association has long been working with the ITRI to play an important bridge of communication between the government and the industry to promote the optoelectronic semiconductor industry and maintain its competitive advantage. In collaboration with the Association, the ITRI plays a pioneering role in technology. Through the synchronization with international trends, it is developing solutions for LED intelligent systems to integrate industrial transformation and develop cross-domain technologies, such as smart networked agricultural lighting, and LED. Human intelligence lighting system integration technology, etc., to become the domestic LED industry(dimmable soft flexible LED filament bulbs) to accelerate the innovation and transformation of an important driving force.

In addition, Zhuang Yuanping further stated that since the establishment of Taiwan Optoelectronics Semiconductor Industry Association, it has actively promoted the domestic LED lighting industry to leapfrog to the international market. It not only assists the government in setting relevant standards that are in line with international standards, but also implements the industrialization of standards, such as promoting the “readability of LED bulbs”. Product label, and cooperation with the Lighting Association to promote the establishment of Taiwan LED commercial lighting industry alliance. Also through the ten-year continuous international conference on solid-state lighting in Taiwan, tSSL, as well as international exhibitions and industrial exchanges, we have continued to develop cooperative relations with various countries in the world and promoted Taiwanese manufacturers to enter the international supply chain.