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It is an illegal act to install LED lights on the license plate

Innotech Innolite 2018-03-16 15:36:22
Recently, a private car owner, Mr. Liu, called the newspaper's news hotline and said that one night a few days ago, he drove along the route of the South China Sea to decorate the city around the Bohai Sea and headed to a gas station not far away, ready to go. Refuel. When he drove a few meters away from the gas station, a black car suddenly came over from his right side and drove to the gas station. “When I was driving behind, I noticed that there was a strong white light on the rear license plate of the car, which made me dizzy and almost ran into a man riding an electric car.” Liu then said angrily when he When he stopped at the back of the car, he could see clearly that a high-brightness LED strip was installed on the rear license plate. Under bright light, he could not clearly see the license plate number of the car.

Mr. Liu told reporters that installing such a light source not only brings certain danger to the following vehicles, but also easily causes traffic accidents. According to the clues provided by Mr. Liu, the reporter immediately came to the city's largest auto parts city. On the second floor of the auto parts building, the reporter discovered a shop selling this kind of lamp. This type of lamp has a long strip shape and has holes on both sides that can be fixed with a license plate screw. There are more than a dozen high-brightness dimmable LED light bulbs on the lamp, and there are still three cables that can be connected on both sides of the lamp. This kind of lamp is priced at 50 yuan, the seller can install it, and it can be completed in an hour.
Seeing customers, the store's female shopkeeper immediately rushed to say that the high-brightness LED could be installed above or below the license plate. When the night lights turn on, the high-brightness lights will form brightly in front of the license plate. The light source, so that others can not see your car license number. "Can't be photographed by an electronic camera." The female owner whispered. "Is it not possible to shoot with an electronic camera?" the reporter asked tentatively. "There is definitely no problem. The light is high-brightness. The camera can't catch it at night." The female shopkeeper continued. "How to install?" The reporter then asked, the female shopkeeper said, as long as the cable of the lamp and the cable of the car's night light are connected together, it is enough.

Immediately afterwards, the reporter went to another car lighting modification shop and found that this kind of lamp was also sold. The price was about 60 yuan. According to the shop's staff, this high-brightness LED light(Energy Saving Halogen Light Bulb supplier) can be used as a license plate light or as a backup light and brake light. Both the license plate light and the reversing light are white light sources, and the brakes are red light sources. “The main thing is to look at the needs of the car owners. They can all be satisfied.” The staff member also added that such lights were originally designed for fear of reversing the car and could not clearly see the road behind it. Today, some car owners are keen to use this type of lamp. As a block license plate lamp, one can avoid the electronic camera on the road, and the second is to use the high beam driver behind the revenge.

The reporter learned from the traffic control department that the installation of this high-brightness light source was an illegal act. It was suspected of intentionally obstructing the number plate. Once it was found on the road by the traffic police, it would be fined 200 yuan and a penalty of 12 points. The traffic control department also stated that at present, the city's electronic police uses a high-definition probe, so even if a car owner has installed the lamp, it will not affect the illegal shooting.