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Estimated output value of global explosion-proof LED lamps exceeds 270 million in 2021.

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-03-19
UL (Underwriters Laboratories), the global leader in product testing and certification, recently issued the first explosion-proof LED lamp certification in Greater China to Jiuxin Technology. Its light source technology partner(shenzhen LED bulbs supplier), South Asia Optoelectronics, also received multiple listing certifications, which means that Taiwanese companies will Can quickly cut into the North American explosion-proof products market, its business opportunities are considerable profits. According to the ElectroniCast Consultant survey report, the global market for explosion-proof products has grown rapidly and demand has continued to rise. In 2014, the consumption of global explosion-proof LED lamps was US$160.1 million. The estimated global output value in 2021 will be expanded to US$273.4 million.

Due to the low gross profit of the general LED lighting market, some Taiwanese manufacturers have transformed and developed special applications such as explosion-proof lamps that can improve profits. This wave of Taiwan’s petrochemical industry’s advancement in the United States has brought strong orders to Taiwan. Jiuxin Technology and South Asia Optoelectronics have escaped from the traditional industry by focusing on the framework of the domestic market demand and winning North American market tickets, opening a new page for Taiwan's explosion-proof lighting to enter the international market.
Chen Xinnan, general manager of Jiuxin Technology, said: “The long-term research and development team of Jiuxin Technology has long focused on research and development and production of harsh and hazardous environmental products. It began to invest in the development of explosion-proof lamps and lanterns in 2011. This time it can be directly passed by UL's explosion-proof test laboratory in Taiwan. Conducting rigorous product testing and achieving UL's fair third-party certification proves that Jiuxin has developed the strength of LED explosion-proof lamps."

Explosion-proof LED lamps(dimmable LED light bulbs) are mainly installed in all kinds of dangerous places, such as petrochemical plants, oil refineries, power plants, wafer factories, food processing plants, barns, etc. These environments contain many dangerous gases or dust that may generate explosion hazards. Inflammable materials, etc. Therefore, various equipments are required to have safety protection design for preventing explosion, and are special high-tech products with relative high gross profit.

Recently, the demand for anti-explosion equipment in the United States has greatly increased. Jiuxin Technology and Nanya Optoelectronics have taken the lead in obtaining UL certification, opening the opportunity for Taiwan's industries to enter the field of high-value explosion-proof lighting fixtures and equipment. UL said that it will continue to import the most advanced foreign resources and technologies to assist Taiwan's lighting manufacturers in transition and product upgrades. It is hoped that domestic manufacturers will also be able to show off in this wave and push Taiwan's excellent technology and explosion-proof lighting products(Vintage filament LED tube bulbs) that have passed strict quality control. International.