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Is the Chinese "artificial moon" realized in 2022?

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innotech
  • Release on:2018-10-23

The light intensity is 8 times that of the moonlight. Is the Chinese "artificial moon" realized in 2022?

According to reports, the “artificial moon” concept of Sichuan Tianfu System Science Research Association is expected to be realized in 2022. The first “artificial moon” in 2020 will complete the demonstration and verification of the whole system from launch, orbit, expansion to illumination. Launched, in 2022, three "artificial moons" will be launched into space, and an overall system demonstration verification experiment will be carried out from deployment to illumination.

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Wu Chunfeng, director of the System Science Research Association of Tianfu New Area, said that China’s “artificial moon” is an artificial space lighting satellite carrying large space mirrors. It is expected to be deployed in low Earth orbit within 500 kilometers. It is 8 times the moonlight now. According to the relevant research and development plan, after the “artificial moon” in 2020 completes the overall verification work from launching, orbiting, unfolding, lighting to regulation, in 2022, three “artificial moons” will be launched in the three major satellite launching bases in China. jobs. "At that time, these three huge mirrors will divide the 360-degree orbital plane, and the three 'moons' alternately operate to achieve 24-hour uninterrupted illumination of the same area. The reflected sunlight can cover 3600-6400 square kilometers of surface. range."

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In response to the concerns of netizens about the impact of biological work and rest, Wu Chunfeng said that the light intensity of the "artificial moon" and the length of illumination can be adjusted, and the illumination accuracy can be controlled within tens of meters. Although the "artificial moon" is 8 times the brightness of the moonlight, considering the influence of atmospheric motion and other factors, the actual illuminance of the work area is roughly equivalent to the twilight moment in summer. By then, the "artificial moon" illuminance that people can feel is about one-fifth of the illuminance of street lamps. It can do "find where to hit", "adjustable brightness", do not have to worry about the "biological clock disorder".

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Especially in the civilian field, the “artificial moon” makes full use of the sunlight and complements the street lighting at night, saving a lot of infrastructure electricity consumption. In the winter with short sunshine hours, the "artificial moon" provides illumination, which can play a role in advancing the dawn and the dusk. "In the case of providing illumination to the 50 square kilometers of Chengdu, the annual electricity cost will be about 1.2 billion yuan. In the blackout area caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes, you can also use the 'artificial moon' space lighting to achieve relief, light rescue, Convenient placement, etc." Wu Chunfeng said.