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How to replace the bulb

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  • Release on:2018-08-10

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The light bulb sometimes burns. When you burn it, you can only solve it yourself. Here are some simple light bulb changes.

Method / step

More common screw-in bulbs! This is the best change. First of all, for beginners, it is best to turn off the power!

Find a stool and go straight to screw it. Just screw the light bulb, and don't touch the wire! Generally, if the bulb that has just broken down may still be hot, be careful not to be burnt.

Just replace it with a new one!

The following lamps are generally more ring-shaped, and the interface is generally not a screw.

First of all, you need to know how you dismantle it. Generally, the circle is rotated, and it can fall down. The rectangular shape and the square shape are generally lifted up, so that the slope is formed and can be taken down obliquely.

Then the light bulb is unloaded, and the bulb of this interface is generally inserted above. Generally, the three metal holders fixed on the tube are opened, and it is particularly simple to open. A little different, generally very simple, is inserted in the above.

Find a new light bulb, come back again, just install it!