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Household light fixture type

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innotech
  • Release on:2018-09-18

The design of the lighting, the magic of light and shadow is very important. Because of the different lighting in the living room, different atmospheres will be created.

The lamps commonly used in family rooms can be divided into the following types according to functions and layout:

1. Chandelier: There are multiple chandeliers and single-head chandeliers. The former is used in the living room and the latter is used in the bedroom or dining room. Some light bulbs are placed in the milky white lampshade to make the light scattering softly. Some of the masks face down, and the light directly illuminates the room, making it bright and bright. There is also a cover with the cover facing up, the light shining on the ceiling, and then reflected down, in order to spread the light evenly, the light is slightly weak, soft and pleasing. The multi-head chandelier has a variety of floral-shaped frosted glass cover lamps, which are layered and multi-layered. The colors are colorless, pure white, pink, light blue, light green, golden, milk white and crystal lamps. Single-head chandeliers, mostly milk-white chandeliers, or pot-shaped chandeliers. There is also a chandelier with adjustable and adjustable lifting of the serpentine tube. There is a large lampshade made of glass or plastic. The bulb is placed inside the hood. The lampshade has various shapes and colors. It is often used to mount the roof above the dining table.

2. Table lamp: It is often used in bedroom bedside tables, low cabinets or study desks. The color of the style is ever-changing. There are usually two types: craft desk lamps and writing desk lamps. Craft table lamps include glass grinding, ceramic glaze, cloisonne and plastic spray products, emphasizing artistic shapes and decorative effects. Writing table lamp has metal snakeskin tube work table lamp, clip-on spring rocker arm suspension table lamp, seat type dimmable plastic table lamp, seat type dimmable enamel table lamp, copper seat classical column groove single porcelain cover table lamp, trough double Porcelain cover table lamp, classical candle table lamp, classical kerosene lamp table lamp, double lamp holder glass table lamp, etc. The function is for reading and writing. The lampshade is mostly opaque or semi-transparent to make the light concentrated. The incandescent bulb source should be used as much as possible. It is not advisable to use a low wattage fluorescent tube lamp, otherwise it will have an adverse effect on the human eye.

3. Ceiling light: also known as ceiling lamp, widely used in foyer, aisle, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, etc. Ceiling light is suitable for medium and low grade and ordinary decoration. There are two kinds of lampshade, glass and PS plate, which are divided into white and ice patterns. The shape is square, long, round, spherical, cylindrical and so on. The luminosity is soft, uniform, and the shape is flat and generous.

Downlights Full or semi-hidden downlights: can be decorated on the roof, above the bed, in the cabinet, on the walls, etc., can also be hung, floor, and suspended. The ceiling of the foyer, the living room and the bedroom can be equipped with a number of rectangular and tubular downlights, the bathroom is equipped with a recessed trough downlight of the glass cover, and the wall lamp is symmetrically mounted on both sides of the bedroom bed, and the light green cover is placed near the TV. wall lamp. The sculpture's downlights are more like works of art and have been popular with people in recent years.

Rail spotlights: Pure white or off-white metal spray or enamel-made track spotlights, the projected beam can be concentrated in a painting, a sculpture, a pot of flowers, and even the back of the swivel chair of the owner, the most creative art can be created. Light and shadow effects. It can be used in the living room, the foyer, the bedroom, or in one room. The color, quantity and position should be consistent with the color of the furniture. The height is usually 10?D20 cm under the ceiling, or the corner of the house. The function does not take the illumination, but the decoration effect.

The color of the lampshade is green outside, and the inner surface is a white trough-shaped glass lampshade, which has a health effect on the eyes; the black skin and the white enamel metal enamel lampshade will make the luminosity gather, and the reflected light will be cast on the writing desk, which is good for writing. The metal opaque lampshade, surrounded by darkness, is also conducive to the concentration of energy.

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