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Epistar high-efficiency LED filament lamp technology niche and patent layout (part 2)

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-01-25
LED filament lamp next battlefield - commercial space and general lighting. 

Early LED filament lamp within the LED filament core column by artificial spot welding, the cost is quite high market acceptance is not high. In the existing LED filament lamp(best vintage LED bulbs) production process, more artificial demand, the cost is still higher than the average LED bulb; if you can increase the degree of automation, the cost there is a chance to decline. When the industry develops and introduces automatic spot welding equipment, the overall cost is expected to be further reduced. Electro-crystal observation, at a cost acceptable, and ultimately balanced with the terminal price as a prerequisite, when LED lighting manufacturers in the higher wattage LED filament lamp into more LED filament, whether the switch to frosted glass Appearance, or change the internal cooling mechanism, can do better than the current decorative LED filament lamp. Crystal expected that when the cost of LED filament lamps continue to decline, the market size is expected to further expand.

At the same time, the LED filament lamp(vintage LED bulbs for home) industry, including Crystalline and its partners, is actively developing more applicable technologies to allow more room for LED filament lamps with hundreds of tiny LED chips and to increase product durability and lifespan , Which is a good news for the purchasing and application side.

In fact, the local market is also very popular round bulb, retro-style bulb, which allows LED manufacturers in the design of LED filament lamp(filament LED bulbs supplier china), you can pay more attention to the diversity of internal LED filament presentations, such as vertical or horizontal mode, or design for love type, English letters, mosquito 360 degree angle and even the type of light. Inflatable heat can try to put inert gas, LED lights show different lighting effects, to win the commercial market and special markets of all ages.