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Epistar high-efficiency LED filament lamp technology niche and patent layout (part 1)

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolit
  • Release on:2018-01-24
LED lighting industry has more and more manufacturers to enter the niche market and special markets to get rid of the general lighting market price war. Not only plant lighting, medical and shipping, smart lighting and other products come out, high-efficiency LED lamp has also gradually replaced the traditional low-cost LED lamp(LED light bulbs with CE RoHS ErP TUV certification). The use of large decorative lamp market, but also because of the LED components and mature technology market development, resulting in a series of changes: Due to traders, distributors and lighting designers to increase the degree of favor of LED filament lamps, the structure and industrial ecology Better LED filament lighting products hot, and gradually replace the early low-wattage specifications of the LED bulb, as well as the old large-calorific LED candle lights, become the visibility of rapid take-off star LED products in recent years. 

Demand for decorative lights outbreak, LED lights led the market took off. 

The LED candle lights and decorative lighting used in churches, commercial spaces, restaurants and hotels can all see the trace of LED filament lamps(LED filament light bulbs antique). The speed of LED filament lamp expansion can be seen. They are more styling, brightness uniformity, space aesthetics, the sense of creating a sense of retro, than the traditional LED bulb or LED candle lights constructed by the previous generation more by designers, consumers and clients welcome.

As the price of LED chips drops, the market potential of LED filament lamps can be predicted in 2015. To 2016, the market around the LED filament lamp(Vintage LED Filament bulbs) procurement can be used to describe the big burst, as long as luminous flux below 450lm LED filament lamp, have the opportunity to access a large number of access providers, can also be used to replace the decorative lights.