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Do you know the importance of lamps in home decoration?

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innotech
  • Release on:2018-09-26

In home decoration, the selection of lamps is a very important and easily overlooked link.

Choosing the luminaire, in addition to paying attention to the color shape and space of the luminaire, because the area of ​​the room is small and the use is different, it is necessary to pay attention to the atmosphere brought to the home after the light is turned on.

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The style of the living room lamps is an important expression of the owner's taste and style. Therefore, the lighting fixtures in the living room should be harmonized with other furniture to create a good meeting environment and home atmosphere. If the living room is bigger (over 20 meters) and the floor height is more than 3 meters, it is advisable to choose some long chandeliers. Due to the bright lighting and eye-catching style, the chandelier has a great influence on the overall style of the living room. The living room with lower height and smaller area should choose ceiling lamp, because the light source is about 2.3 meters away from the ground, and the lighting effect is the best. If the room is only 2.5 meters high, the height of the lamp itself should be about 20 cm, and the thickness is small. The ceiling light can achieve a good overall lighting effect. The bedroom is a private space where people can rest. They should choose lamps that give people a warm and comfortable feeling. The color of the light is preferably neutral or warm in orange or light yellow to help create a comfortable and warm atmosphere. In addition to selecting the main light, there should also be a table lamp, a floor lamp, a wall lamp, etc., to play the role of local lighting and decorative beautification.

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The kitchen fixtures must have sufficient brightness to meet the needs of the cooker to operate as desired. In addition to the ceiling light installed in the kitchen, the kitchen should be installed according to the needs of the stove, or install the wall lamp or the fixture for the work surface. The position of the installation of the luminaire should be as far as possible away from the cooktop. It is advisable to use the luminaire sitting on the bottom of the porcelain and use the seat. The shape of the luminaire should be as simple as possible and easy to wipe.

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The study lighting is mainly for reading and writing. It should be based on local lighting. The function of the lighting should be considered. The style should be simple and the light should be soft and bright to avoid glare. A table lamp can be placed on the desk as a part. Lighting makes people learn and work comfortably.

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