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Do you feel stuck in LED indecision when updating the lighting? tips 02

With the number of LED options available today, you may feel stuck by indecision when it comes to updating the lighting for your facility. Here are three basic tips to follow when it comes to retrofitting your lighting. Today let us talk about the topic of aligning yourself with a reputable LED manufacturer.

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Tip #2: Align yourself with a reputable LED manufacturer

We talk a lot about the topic of aligning yourself with a reputable LED manufacturer because the consequences of this decision can have a big impact. Even though your LEDs may not last forever, if you have a manufacturer that has a history of customer support, you know you can count on them to stand behind their product. You want to make sure you have a company to back you with warranty and product support.

In order to get a sense for whether a company has a strong foundation, here are a few vital questions you need to ask:

1. Has the company been in business for more than five years?

2. Is the company's brand a trusted name?

3. Does the company have any open product recalls?

4. What's the largest project the company has completed?

There isn't necessarily a right to wrong answer from a manufacturer on these questions, but their answers will give you valuable insight into how they view their customers and that their plan for the future is.

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