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Do you feel stuck in LED indecision when updating the lighting? 01

With the number of LED options available today, you may feel stuck by indecision when it comes to updating the lighting for your facility. With the advancement of technology, the decision making process has become much more complicated. Color temperature. Color Rendering Index. Lumen output. And the list goes on and on.

Here are three basic tips to follow when it comes to retrofitting your lighting.


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Tip 01: What lighting specs are important to you?

The first tip when it comes to organizing your thought process around purchasing LED lighting is to prioritize the specifications that are most important to you.

LED efficiency and reliability

1. Wattage – Wattage is the measure of how much energy a light bulb will need to illuminate. If you're trying to get the most energy savings, this is a good number to pay attention to.

2. Replacement wattage – Replacement wattage indicates the wattage of the traditional lamp that is being replace by the LED. If you're concerned about keeping somewhat consistent light levels, this will help in balancing energy savings with light output.

3. Rated life – Rated life is how long an LED is intended to operate before reaching 70 percent of its original brightness. If you're concerned about how long the product lasts, this is an important spec. You can also pair this with warranty to get a more complete picture of reliability.

LED light output

1. Lumens – Lumens represent the measurement of how much light the light bulb puts out. This is helpful in maintaining or increasing light levels, but remember that delivered lumens and foot-candles are also critical and may be more helpful readings to consider.

2. Center Beam Candle Power (CBCP) – CBCP measures the intensity of light at the center of a beam of light. This is very useful in creating highlighted areas in retail environments, restaurants, or art galleries.

3. Efficacy - Efficacy is a ratio of how many lumens are produced per watt of energy consumed. If you're looking for energy savings and maximum visual impact, this is a helpful specification.

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Visual appeal

1. Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) – CCT is a numerical value that indicates the color of light a particular fixture or bulb will emit. If the atmosphere of your office, store, restaurant, or space is important, this is a critical consideration.

2. Color Rendering Index (CRI) – CRI measures a light source's ability to reflect colors accurately. If you're in an environment where color accuracy is important –– like restaurants or retail –– CRI is a must to factor into your decision.

3. Dimmable – LEDs don't always communicate well with dimmers, so if you need to dim your lighting, be sure the lamp you are buying is rate as "dimmable".