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100W Aluminum COB Black LED Floodlight BK Style with 120 degree beam angle100W Aluminum COB Black LED Floodlight BK Style with 120 degree beam angle100W Aluminum COB Black LED Floodlight BK Style with 120 degree beam angle
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100W Aluminum COB Black LED Floodlight BK Style with 120 degree beam angle

  • Type: LED headlamp
  • Power: 100 watts
  • Input voltage: 190-260VAC or 85-265VAC, 50 / 60Hz
  • Light intensification: 90lm / w
  • Light beam angle: 120 degrees
  • Color temperature: 2700K - 6500K
  • IP rating: IP65
  • Finishing: Black
  • Lamp Shape: COB BK Style
  • Lifetime: Up to 50,000 hours
  • Warranty: Two-year limited warranty based on average daily use of 4 hours
  • Application: Garden, building façades, bridges, tunnels, stadiums, signs, park sculpture, toll station, gas station, factory, warehouse, big supermarket, exhibition hall etc.

product Description

INNOLITE BK Style COB LED Floodlight can provide a diffuse and versatile lighting effect with innovative exterior design. And with a superior optical lens with strong transmittance, this 120 degree headlight lamp will focus on areas highlighting needs with maximum efficiency. It can be better integrated with the architectural landscape, perfect fusion of the application environment.

Product seal is perfect. With IP classification IP65, Innolite LED Floodlight is suitable for outdoor lighting, gardens, squares, signs, factories, dolls, arenas, etc. It comes with adjustable metal mount to adjust the different angles and can be installed in the ceiling, walls, ground and other places.


 model no. 33625
 Force 100W
 brightness 90 lm / w
 LED type COB
 Input voltage 190-260VAC or 85-265VAC
 Material of bag Aluminum
 Color Temp (CCT) 2700K - 6500K
 Energy efficiency class A +
 Beam Angle 120 degrees
 Color rendering index & Gt; 80 Ra
 Power factor & Gt; 0.95
 start time & Amp; lt; 0.5s
 switching Cycle ≥12,500
 Lifetime Up to 50,000 hours
 Temp. of the operation -30 ~ + 50 ° C
 IP classification IP65 
 Measure 285x255x75mm

product Certifications

    Waterproof outdoor LED Floodlights factory in china

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product Exhibition
china LED Floodlights COB supplier


² Use the most effective integrated aluminum alloy, the finished lamp can work over 50,000 hours
² Heat source in different sizes from 10-300W for varied lighting requirements.
² Protection rate: IP65 for indoor and outdoor lighting.
² No flicker to protect human eyes
² Nothing buzzing and immediately on
² High CRI & gt; 80 guarantees more vibrant and natural light
² Environmentally friendly: No lead or mercury and no UV or IR radiation
² Long life lasts up to 17 years (4 hours usage per day)
² Two-year limited warranty based on average daily use of 4 hours
² With certification of CE RoHS, etc.


Innolite 100W Aluminum COB Black LED Floodlight BK Style With 120 Degree Radiation Angle LED Floodlight can give you a diffuse and versatile lighting effect with slim conventional fixture. It is widely used in gardens, building façades, bridges, tunnels, stadiums, signs, park sculpture, toll station, gas station, factory, warehouse, big supermarket, exhibition hall, etc.


² Working temperature range -30 ° C to 50 ° C
² Check the lamp before installation, if no damage occurs during transport, do not install.
² Maintenance should be carried out by a person familiar with the pipe.
² Do not place any objects on the lamp.
² Keep the lamp away from flame or high temperature objects.
² For indoor use only.
² Replace only with the same type of LED tube. Risk of electric shock.
² If the glass lamp tube is broken, the lamp must be removed immediately.

maintenance Descriptions

² Disconnect the lamp from the power supply before servicing.
² Clean the luminaires with a dry cloth.
² Do not clean the lamp with corrosive chemicals.

Warning: Cancel use if it is damaged.


1 LED light per color box, 20 pcs packed in a regular export carton. (1 pc / color box, 20 pcs / carton)

return Policy

We provide a free two-year LIMITED WARRANTY based on the average daily use of 4 hours for this product.
Should return be required
Step 1) Contact us with this site's email.
Step 2) Give as much detail as possible about the problem you have.
Step 3) Permission to return the item will be issued.
Step 4) Return the item for the agreed replacement or refund. 


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A3: We are a manufacturer and always offer our customers the most competitive prices.
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