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Why are LED lights on the street only a few dollars, and shopping malls are much more expensive?

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-07-18

Recently, many friends who have been renovated have said that the same lamp or the same floor tile has different prices in different places. For decoration white, I don’t know what is different. In fact, many things are essentially the same, but one is placed in the bustling storefront, one on the street, the price is totally different. Take LED lights, this is essential for every family. However, when it appears on the stalls, the price may be only a few dollars, but in the store, the price is different. So why is there such a gap?

First, the LED lights sold in the store China COB GU10 LED Spotlights Glass Factory, the price is not only the purchase price of the LED lamp itself, but also the cost of the storefront. Of course, the decoration cost, labor cost and various taxes of the store are also included. The LED lights on the stalls do not contain these costs or the costs are very low, and the price will naturally be much lower.

Second, the quality of the two is different, the purchase price is different, the price of the sale will naturally be different. Although there is no difference in appearance between the two, the LED lights sold on the stalls will be much weaker in terms of driving and lighting than those bought in the store, and the service life will be different. After a long time, the LEDs will be sold. The life of the lamp is very short. In addition, the LED lights sold on the stalls will naturally be much worse on the materials used for selection. Many details are not found by people.

Third, the brand problem. Most of the LED lights sold in the store are branded, so that their popularity is high, the after-sales guarantee, and the price will naturally increase. The purchase channels are different. The LED merchants in the store will generally have agents, so that the purchase will have a difference, and the price of the sale will naturally rise. The purchases on the stalls are generally directly docked to the manufacturer, directly saving the difference in the middle.