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What is the maintenance of LED lights?

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-05-09
If the cleaning and maintenance work of the LED lamp is not done well, it is easy to shorten the service life of the lamp. Experts and technicians of LED lamps introduced that appropriate maintenance and cleaning will help improve the brightness of LED lamps(china LED bulbs on sale).
If one year is not maintained, the brightness of the LED lamp(dimmable LED light bulbs) will drop by about 20%; if you leave the lampshade, lamp, etc. in a dirty state, the brightness will be reduced by 20% in 1 year;

In places that are easily contaminated in the kitchen, the brightness of LED luminaires will be reduced by 40%. Therefore, regular cleaning and maintenance is the secret to ensure the brightness of LED lamps.

During cleaning and maintenance, care should be taken not to change the structure of the LED luminaires or to replace the components of the LED luminaires. After the cleaning and maintenance is over, the LED luminaires should be installed as they are, and the components of the luminaires must not be missed or replaced.

In the specific cleaning and maintenance of LED lamps(Vintage LED Filament bulbs), it is best not to wash with water, as long as a dry rag to wipe with water, if you accidentally touch the water to dry as much as possible, should not be wiped immediately after the light wipe with a wet cloth, because the high temperature LED bulb Water is explosive.

In terms of cleaning, the shade on the fabric cannot be flushed, and dry cleaners are used. If it is made of glass, it can be washed with water. The skeleton of the lamp can be wiped with a cloth.

Using vinegar to clean the mirror headlamps is a good idea. Pour vinegar into a half-pot of water about the volume of a beer bottle cap. After mixing thoroughly, soak the rag in the vinegar water and wring the rag to wipe the dirt on the lamp.

Because vinegar has the effect of cleaning and preventing static electricity, LED luminaires that are wiped with vinegar are not only bright but also difficult to get dust. When cleaning the lamp body, gently wipe it with a soft, dry cotton cloth. The movement should be maintained from top to bottom. Do not wipe back and forth.

When cleaning the LED lamp cover, use a clean feather duster to lighten the lamp cover or cause deformation. When cleaning the LED bulb, it is advised to turn off the light and do not rotate the bulb clockwise to avoid the lamp head being tightened too tightly.