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What can be removed after the "three nothing" LED lights?

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-03-30
The called "three-nothing" LED products are package-less, heat-dissipating, and power-free. Just like incandescent lamps, the simpler the better! The technical solutions led by "no package, no heat dissipation, and no power supply" will lead the industry's future development. The trend of "troika" will also become the focus of future competition for chip packaging and lighting applications.

No package, ie chip-level flip-chip packaging, this will remove the traditional packaging of gold wire, bracket, solid crystal glue, etc., a wide range of applications, cost-effective and cost advantages are more obvious; no power supply that is linear drive IC program , Also known as de-powered, the power supply and light source constitute an optoelectronic engine, there is no need for electrolytic capacitors and transformers; no heat, when the plastic clad aluminum LED bulbs chip's electro-optic conversion reaches 100%, while the power supply does not require cooling, you can give the thermal kit to take Lost, it can only be reduced as much as possible and can not be completely removed.
Since the packaging (light source), power supply, heat dissipation, these key parts of the LED can be maximally simplified. So under the price pressure, what parts of LED lighting can continue to be saved?

The author believes that the next one will be a lens, a secondary optical lens!

Because the light emitted by the LED chip is scattered, but also more dazzling, which requires the use of light diffuser to adjust. Optical systems such as lenses and reflectors that change the distribution of the LED light field are such light diffusers.

As a substitute for traditional lighting fixtures, E27 GLS A60 LED Filament bulb has many advantages in terms of energy saving and high efficiency, but it has not been able to be universally popularized by ordinary consumers. One of the main reasons is that the price of the LED lighting market requires the relative accessories to make concessions on the cost price, lens products will bear the brunt.

At present, it is LED filament lamp that is more mature when it comes to lensing. In the past, LED light sources had to reach a certain degree of illumination and illumination area, and optical devices such as lenses must be installed. This will affect the lighting effect and reduce the energy efficiency of the LED.

However, the LED filament(LED Filament light Bulbs supplier) realizes 360-degree full-angle light emission, which emits light at a large angle and does not require a lens to realize a three-dimensional light source, thereby avoiding the effect of light effects due to the addition of a lens.

Of course, the lensless solution also has a good effect on only a few LED lamps, and most of them are still inseparable from the lens.