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Tiny and Powerful LUXEON Rubix LEDs Raise the Bar for CRI Lumens and Efficacy with Addition of Lim

  • Author:Innolite
  • Source:LED Professional
  • Release on:2021-05-19

Lumileds today introduced two new colors – PC Amber and Lime – for its very small and very powerful LUXEON Rubix LED portfolio. The 1.4 square millimeter footprint is almost pixel like and belies the light output that’s possible from this high-power LED. There are 6 color options plus white in the portfolio.

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LUXEON Rubix maximizes design flexibility and enables solutions that simply aren’t possible with pre-set multi-color packages. The high power, uniform focal height, and narrow angle beam control contribute to enabling new, more efficient, and impactful designs.

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“The addition of Lime and PC Amber create opportunities to boost CRI, brightness, and efficacy. Objects will often appear more vivid when Lime is used instead of white (RGBL vs. RGBW). With Lime and PC Amber, achieving 90+CRI at 3000K, 4000K or 5000K is no problem and in a 6-channel solution, 95+ CRI is possible,” said LP Liew, Product Marketing Manager at Lumileds.

To further support development with LUXEON Rubix, Lumileds also offers level 2 solutions through its Matrix Program. Aluminum-Nitride boards with high thermal conductivity unlock the full potential of LUXEON Rubix and by having Lumileds select the LEDs at the factory, all binning and selection issues are eliminated for the luminaire manufacturer.

Each LUXEON Rubix delivers outstanding flux performance. The new PC Amber delivers 250 lumens and Lime a stunning 510 lumens at 1500mA. Typical output for other colors at 1500mA and Tj 85°C is: Red 85lm, Green 310lm, Blue 112lm, and Royal Blue 1635mW. Typical output for white is 440lm at 93lm/W. Complete product specifications are available in the datasheet and at the LUXEON Rubix web page.

LUXEON Rubix is in-stock and available from your preferred Lumileds distributor.

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