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The Light of Art in the Night - Demystifying the World's 8 Stunning Light Festivals

Innotech Innotech 2018-09-06 18:24:12

The Light Art Festival is a relatively mature cultural event combining art and technology in Europe. Every year, the Festival of Lights attracts a large number of visitors to the venue. In general, the landmark buildings and landscapes where the festival is held will be “lighted up” by the lights.

1. Signal Festival - 3D experience + meticulous planning

City: Czech Republic, Prague

Time: mid-October each year

     The Prague Light Festival introduces a lot of lighting installations, making the whole festival more diverse. It is very detailed in planning, but it is very interesting in terms of creativity. The festival also provides 3D glasses to visitors. There have been many artists participating in the Prague Light Festival in recent years, such as Jen Lewin and Michal Cimala. At the festival, Citall (CLOUD), an interactive lighting device designed by Caitlind Brown and Wayne Garrett, has been well received.

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2. Vivid Sydney

City: Australia, Sydney

Time: May to June each year

     The Vibrant Sydney Light and Music Festival is world-famous, combining lighting, music and creative elements to present a spectacular audio-visual feast. It has been successfully held for eight times since 2009 and has become one of the world's largest festivals of lighting, music and creativity. The main decoration of the festival is composed of a light sculpture, a multimedia interactive work and a building projection. Architectural projections transform a variety of buildings and landmarks, such as the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney CBD, into an outdoor nighttime art canvas, while the Sydney Opera House’s sailboats have always been the “point of the Sydney Light Festival”. The pen."

3. Festival of Lights in Berlin - awakening ancient buildings with lights

City: Germany, Berlin

Time: October each year

    Founded in 2005 by lighting designer Andreas Boehlke and festival company Birgit Zander, the Berlin Festival is the world's largest and most famous light. The festival is usually held every October. The Berlin Festival of Lights not only attracts tourists, but also attracts the attention of many artists. During the festival, Berlin's landmarks and areas will be illuminated by lights, including Potsdamer Platz, Berlin Cathedral, and the Brandenburg Gate. Among them, the Brandenburg Gate is an important landmark for artists to create in the annual lighting festival. Every year, the lights are “dressed” with different “clothes”. Old buildings combined with high-tech projection technology attract a large number of visitors every year.

4. Amsterdam Light Festival - light and shadow mottle on the water

City: Holland, Amsterdam

Time: Beginning in late November or early December, until mid-January

   The only lighting festival that allows visitors to squat on the boat and experience the art, the water tour is the difference between the Amsterdam Festival of Lights and the place where many artists can play. The Amsterdam Light Festival kicks off in the winter, usually starting from November to December and ending in January of the following year, lasting nearly two months. The festival has both walking routes and unique boat routes. At night, on the boat, visitors can see the riverside buildings decorated with lights, and the coffee provided in the “voyage” can dispel the cold of winter.

5. Lumiere Light Festival - Britain's largest lighting "tour"

City: United Kingdom, Durham

Time: held in winter, once every two years

    The Lumiere Festival is the largest lighting festival in the UK. Its “touring” approach allows residents and visitors from many parts of the UK to have the opportunity to appreciate the charm of the festival. The Lumiere Festival is hosted by the British creative company Artichoke and also attracts artists from all over the world. Artists Benedetto Bufalino and Benoit Deseille turned London's iconic red telephone booth into a glowing aquarium; the French art team Porté par le vent created Glowing "flying fish", they soar in the sky, decorating the whole of London as a dream.

6, Lyon Festival of Lights - traditional borrowing technology to get a new life

City: Lyon, France

Time: early December each year

    On December 8th of each year, it is the beginning of the religious festival lighting festival in Lyon. The festival generally lasts for 4 days. During the festival, residents of every household in Lyon will burn some candles and put them in front of their own windows or on the streets, adding a touch of warmth as winter approaches. It is generally believed that this festival originated from the ravages of the Black Death. At that time, it was believed that the Virgin Mary would protect them from the plague, so they lit candles and prayed. The Fête des Lumières is derived from this ancient tradition. But in addition to lighting the candles, local organizers used high-tech means to add large-scale lighting projects. A traditional festival has found a new life and has become a feast of high technology and art.

7. Lux Helsinki

City: Finland, Helsinki

Time: early January each year

    Helsinki can be said to be one of the birthplaces of the European Festival of Lights. Since 1995, Helsinki has been holding a light-themed event to give people a pleasant visual experience during the long dark nights of winter. From 1995 to 2009, Helsinki will host the Valon Voimat event in November each year. From 2009 to 2011, the Valon Vuodenaika (light season) held in January each year can be said to be the predecessor of the Lux Helsinki Festival. The officially named Helsinki Festival of Lights was in 2012.

8, Light Festival Ghent

City: Ghent, Belgium

Time: held in winter, held every three years

    Although the Gent Festival is a long interval between sessions, the dazzling lighting art installations and beautiful lighting performances still attract millions of people to watch. What is unforgettable is that at the 2012 Light Festival, on the local Belfort Street, a huge gallery made of wood was built, and hundreds of lanterns were decorated into a majestic Catholic church, reminiscent of Romantic Renaissance vault building.