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Talking about the Influence of Lighting Exhibition Lighting on People's Emotion

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innotech
  • Release on:2018-09-04

In addition to lighting festival rentals, lighting has been used for a long time in other applications. In movies or television, we can see that light(LED panel downlight supplier) intensity can subtly change people's emotions. By reducing the light you can express many emotions, from fear to sadness. Bright lights can show happiness, and soft lights represent romance. The different light colors produced by the filter can also express special emotions. Brighter filters represent more optimistic, but dark filters give a feeling of depression.

In the early days of the film, photographers and directors began to use lighting effects. However, these lighting effects do not necessarily require expression to produce a particular emotion. At the beginning of the twentieth century, producers focused on lighting to express the attraction of actors. Since the Second World War, the use of natural light has made the film more realistic. Later, the appearance of TV-adjustable lights made the show look more enjoyable.

Illumination keys are the way photographers handle film lighting. There are two types, high and low keys. As the name implies, high-profile lighting makes the film more natural and realistic. In this way, the audience can see the details better. Low-key lighting uses shadows and pool lights to cause suspense, horror or mystery.

Glare and high contrast black and white contrast light can create tension and anxiety. This technique can produce many shadows and provide horrible and memorable scenes. Using high-contrast light can increase the drama of the movie and give the audience a deeper experience.

The colored gel on the light can also change the atmosphere of the movie. Blue gel gives a cold feeling, suggesting sadness or depression. In contrast, a red or orange gel can make the scene look warm and romantic or happy.