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Parents who have such LED lights at home, don't use them for kids!

In recent years, there have been more and more children with myopia. In order to prevent children from being injured when writing homework at home, many parents have specially prepared LED table lamps. But have you ever thought that your LED lights are really safe?

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Inferior LED lights

Parents believe that the use of LED bulbs is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. More importantly, the lighting effect is much higher than that of ordinary incandescent lamps, which helps protect children's eyes.

In fact, some LED lights have serious stroboscopic light. Long-term learning under such lighting can cause visual fatigue, headache, and even cause photosensitive epilepsy, leading to decreased vision and distraction. It’s not good for your child’s body!

The CCTV Phase I program has specifically exposed this inferior LED light.

    Different LED lights

Strobe, simply speaking, when looking at the screen of another appliance in the screen of another appliance, the screen of another appliance will have a bright line moving from the bottom of the screen to the top and from the bottom. This infinity, giving us the feeling that the image is flashing.

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The lower the strobe, the less damage to the eye. But in the absolute sense, no stroboscopic is practically impossible. The stroboscopic requirement of Chinese industry standards for qualified products is 3125 Hz.

In the experiment, two LED lamps with almost identical appearances, under professional test instruments, the stroboscopic degree is quite different.

The first table lamp, the waveform is gentle, and the strobe is almost zero.

The second table lamp has a very large waveform, indicating that the strobe is severe.

Use the phone camera to quickly identify strobes

The LED lights with such a disparity in stroboscopic appearance are almost indistinguishable to the naked eye. So in daily life, how do we distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of LED bulbs? Don't worry, this will give you a trick!

When picking up an LED light bulb, just take out the mobile phone that you carry with you, turn on the camera function, and use the lens to align the lighted light bulb, and you can separate it at a glance.

Light bulbs with low stroboscopic light are not much different under the lens from the naked eye.

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Frequently flashing light bulbs, frequently fluctuating lines appear on the screen of the phone.

According to experts, qualified LED bulbs are equipped with a constant current chip, which can effectively reduce the stroboscopic light, which is also the key to determine its quality. Generally, the price of a bulb with a constant current chip will be relatively high.

Expert reminder:

When consumers buy LED lights, they can use the mobile phone camera to quickly identify the quality of the LED lights. At the same time, they must not be cheap, otherwise they may buy inferior products! Try to test if your lamp is qualified!