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Ningbo Kaiyao's Frankfurt booth was sealed for allegedly infringing LED filament lamp patents

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-05-17
According to people on the scene at the Frankfurt Lighting Fair, KLITE (Ningbo), Zhejiang Province, was reported for allegedly infringing the Giant Flexible LED filament bulbs patent, resulting in the stall being surrounded and requesting a rectification booth. The allegedly infringing LED filament lamp bulb was suspected of being confiscated.

It is reported that the company that initiated the lawsuit is Taiwan's "Liquid-Solar Solid State Lighting" company. According to public information, TSMC has acquired shares in the company in 2009.
It is understood that Ningbo Kaiyao Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a leading LED lighting application product and professional solution provider. The company's main products are LED lamps, LED drivers, energy-saving lamps, electronic ballasts, electronic transformers, fixture lights, grille lights and other products.

Ningbo Kaiyao ranked first in the industry in the export of filament LED tube bulbs. Kai Yao Lighting, jointly established by Ningbo Kaiyao, Haining Kaidi and Zhejiang Far East, ranked first in LED filament lamp exports in the first half of 2017. Its major exports are the United States, Poland, and France. The three countries accounted for the total proportion. Up to 72%.

In fact, as early as January 7, 2015, Ningbo Kaiyao Lighting obtained the patent authorization of Zhejiang Ruidisheng LED LED filament lamp. It is reported that the LED filament lamp produced by Ruidison Company was led by a team of retired researcher Ge Shichao of Zhejiang University. The LED filament lamp has been patented worldwide.

The liquid-solid-state solid-state lighting developed Vintage LED Filament bulbs market in 2013 and product design with LIQUIDLED brand. Two years ago about 2015, the development of flexible light strips took a year to overcome the problem of product life, etc., and in 2016, it cooperated with local European brewers and used the aesthetic design of wine bottles to apply to the lighting market.

Ningbo Kaiyao is the lighting company with the largest export of LED filament lamps in China. It is not surprising that it has become the focus of attention for companies in the same industry in China and even in the world. If this infringement is true, it is bound to cast a shadow on the export sales of Ningbo Kaiyao LED filament lamps.