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Newly purchased LED lights use and maintenance tips

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-06-27

In recent years, people have become more accustomed to environmental protection and energy-saving lifestyles as the concept of people's healthy life continues to infiltrate. As one of the energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting products, LED lamps are increasingly favored by consumers. But how to use and maintain the LED lights bought back? Today, I would like to supplement my knowledge with Xiao Bian.

How to use led lights

First, after buying the lamps and lanterns, don't be busy installing first, should read the installation instructions carefully, and then follow the installation instructions according to the good lamps, otherwise it may happen danger.

Second, do not change the structure of the lamp in the cleaning and maintenance, do not arbitrarily change the parts of the lamp, after maintenance, the lamp should be installed as is, do not miss the installation, misplaced lamp parts.

Third, try not to use frequent switches in the use of lamps and lanterns, although the number of LED lights switch is about 18 times that of ordinary fluorescent lamps, but too frequent will still affect the internal life of electronic components led lights, thus affecting the lamp life.

Fourth, special attention should be paid, in addition to special led lamps, ordinary led lamps should avoid using in a humid environment. The wet environment will affect the electronic components of the led lamp driving power supply, electronic components damp, the lamp life is shortened.

LED lights maintenance coup

1, moisture is the key to lighting and maintenance, especially the bathroom, bathroom led lights and kitchen stove headlights, must install moisture-proof lampshade to prevent moisture intrusion, to avoid rust damage or leakage short circuit.

2, led light is best not to wash with water, as long as a dry rag to wipe with water, if you accidentally touch the water to dry as much as possible, should not be wiped immediately after the light with a wet rag.

3, ordinary led lights can not be used in the dimmer lamp, delay switch, sensor switch circuit.

4, to avoid the use of high temperature and humidity environment, led lighting fixtures are generally used in the ambient temperature of 5 ~ 40 °C.

5, led lighting is mainly driven inside the power, it is recommended that non-professionals do not assemble and disassemble their own, so as to avoid the risk of electric shock.

6. The metal parts of LED lighting fixtures should not be used at random, such as brightening powder and other chemical agents. The dust behind the LED lighting fixtures should be cleaned with a dry cloth or tweezers.