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NFKG and Light Space of Formosa Plastic Group Work with NCTU on the Promotion of UVC LED

  • Author:Innolite
  • Source:LEDinside
  • Release on:2020-11-04

As the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic prepares for its return, the establishment of a safe, comfortable, and bacteria-free environment has become the most viral topic, of which an indispensable element is the most advanced UVC LED. In order to promote the application of UVC LED in the semiconductor industry, NFKG and Light Space Corporation of the Formosa Plastic Group conducted a signing ceremony on an industry-university cooperation on the 29th led by Wang Wen-chao, member of the standing committee, and Gao Ying-long, Chairman, alongside first-level supervisors, with NCTU.

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Light Space Corporation works with NCTU on the development of green energy and national virus & pandemic prevention equipment, and is focused on the primary product of the “UV LED Water Purification Equipment (DWM1)”, which is invented by Professor Akasaki Isamu and Amano Hiroshi, winners of Nobel Prize in physics in 2014. Japan is responsible for the production of front-end epitaxy and crystal gains through the high R&D capability, and the Formosa Plastic Group is in charge of packaging and mass production. An integration platform is established by a connection with NCTU, where the linkage of Taiwanese industry, government, and university will result in a drastic cost reduction, and medical-grade virus and pandemic prevention products, as well as sterilization products, can be expanded to industrial and daily livelihood applications. The UV LED water purification equipment (DWM1) adopts the UV-C UV light in a UV wavelength of 200nm-280nm, which is optimal for disinfection and sterilization, and is able to directly destroy the central structure that results in instantaneous death or loss of production ability for virus, bacteria, and algae, in order to achieve timely sterilization.

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In addition, Taiwan is a leader in semiconductor and the electronics industry, and water quality serves as an important sector in the manufacturing process of electronic products. A chemical processing that is implemented with algaecide exclusively for cooling water or industrial bleach not only consumes time and induces pollution for water resources, but the result will also occur periodically. An exposure sterilization on algae using UV-C deep UV light allows easy installation and effective energy conservation, and not only does it not create secondary water pollution, but it also has a long lifespan that does not require prolonged period of manpower maintenance; furthermore, apart from ensuring the cooling efficiency of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, it also reduces the downtime for maintenance derived from the cleaning of the cooling water system. UV serialization has indeed been used for years, though the UVC LED co-developed by the Formosa Plastic Group this time comprises of a longer lifespan, as well as larger power and wavelength for a precise sterilization, and enhanced environment friendliness.

The Formosa Plastic Group is dedicated in the development of water and energy conservation by having started the hosting of the selection and presentation of excellent case of water and energy conservation since 2009, which encourages various suppliers to study and propose different solutions of water and energy conservation. In order to enhance on the effectiveness of the collaboration between the academia, the group began hosting the selection and presentation at first-tier universities since 2016, and invited the industry to participate in the specific event, where the group hopes to facilitate a circular economy in the industry sector, whilst sharing the achievements in water and energy conservation.

UVC LED can be applied on: livelihood water, household drinking water, company water dispensers, water for beverages, public facilities, water towers, swimming pools, clean water for the cultivation of fish, shrimps, and fresh aquatic products, and egg cookers from convenience stores. The air applications of UVC LED include: supermarkets, hypermarkets, department stores, hospitals, post-partum care centers, planes, trains, buses, residential, and offices, where air-con systems can be integrated to eliminate the RMA/DNA of bacteria and virus, so as to achieve a safe and comfortable living space and environment.

The Formosa Plastic Group hopes that by setting an example, enterprises that are interested and possess the same vision as the group are able to contact with the Light Space Corporation, and promote this excellent Taiwanese product that benefits mankind and looks after the environment to the entire world.