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LG Plans to Expand on OLED TV Panel Capacity at Guangzhou Plant Starting from July

  • Author:Innolite
  • Source:LEDinside
  • Release on:2021-05-24

According to the coverage of South Korean media TheElec, LG Display is planning to expand on OLED TV panel capacity at its Guangzhou plant from 60K pieces/month to 90K pieces/month starting from July.

As reported by foreign media, the particular plant consists of two production lines, and primarily manufactures the 8.5th generation panel. LG Display will implement a certain degree of upgrades for the plant in order to elevate capacity, yet the corresponding expenditure will not be significant.

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Apart from the Guangzhou plant, the Paju plant of LG in South Korea is also producing large-sized OLED panels at a monthly capacity of 90K pieces. LG will achieve a monthly capacity of 170K pieces subsequent to the completion of upgrades for the Guangzhou plant, and may further lower the prices of OLED TVs.

Insiders have disclosed that the capacity of LG Displays Guangzhou plant is currently stable, and that the market demand for large-sized OLED panels is significantly large. LG Display aims to ship 7-8 million pieces of large-sized OLED panels this year, which is a YoY increase of 80%.