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LED is effective for plant lights

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-05-03
Taiwan's LED(T6 LED tubes 28W equivalent) plants have gradually achieved success in plant plants. Due to the increase in the proportion of high-latitude regional markets for plant factories, Taiwan Power Plant Inc. (2448), which included Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., won orders for related products last year. Including Delta Electric (2308), Continuous Exhibition (3710), etc. The Photonics Association (PIDA) expects Taiwan's output to grow to 30 million tons this year.
PIDA stated that currently the main areas for the development of plant construction facilities in the world include Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, China, the United States, France, and Europe; due to consumer demand for food safety and health, coupled with climate instability, vegetable prices and supply are unstable Factors such as the full artificial light(LED Tube lights without ballast) source plant factory have attracted attention. From the small-scale planting to the private enterprise for the cultivation of economies of scale, in addition to the cultivation of leafy vegetable crops that are safe and non-toxic, the controlled growth environment provides good research conditions for the development of functional and medicinal materials, and stimulates the market to flourish.

Since the exhibition of planting walls and related plants was exhibited at Taipei Flower Expo 2010, the cultivation of plant plants began to receive attention. The first interest in this topic was mostly LED manufacturers. It is hoped that the demand for 18W T8 LED Tubes for plant lights could be active. Industrial market. PIDA said that according to the results of industry surveys, the total annual output of Taiwan's phyto-plants is 2,500 metric tons under full production capacity, which is estimated to exceed 3,000 metric tons of annual production this year.

PIDA said that in addition to the highly difficult seedlings, the cultivation of Chinese herbal medicines, functional crops, and special herb plants will be the key to the opportunities and development of future plant workshops.