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LED retro vintage years to promote the popular filament

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-01-17
In recent years, LED has been regarded as a new generation of energy-saving ideal lighting source. With technology and the encouragement of the legislature, people can now buy LED lights at a very low cost, just like a candle or a box of matches in a street shop everywhere.

At present, the white LED(vintage LED bulbs for home) can achieve a full range of brightness and light color adjustable, can meet the interior lighting requirements of the color, in the development of scene lighting market, with traditional light source incomparable advantages; and easy to dynamic control, energy saving and environmental protection life long. However, despite these advantages, LED light sources are currently only a boring alternative to existing incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent tubes for the most part. Innovative lighting, such as our promised Li-Fi network and emotional light curtains, is still missing. 
The consumer market is driven by technological advances and trends. Although a new product is easier to sell on a better, faster, smaller and more basis. But today's fashion is more volatile than ever before. When you walk in the hall of any lighting exhibition in 2015, I believe many LED company will be shocked. 

Because incandescent bulbs are in fashion again! Big glass bulbs and glowing filaments are everywhere at the show. Of course these are not traditional incandescent lamps. These filaments are actually made of LED strings. Product shape from the simple linear shape to the beautiful shape of the work of art, with curves and turns, it seems beautiful. LED filament bulbs, as they are currently known, the latest LED fashion. Indeed, some of the other light bulbs at the show operate in simple ways like opening, closing and dimming, but the form of the LED(LED filament light bulbs antique) filament is visible and enjoyable. 
LED filament light bulbs may look retro, but in fact include some advanced technology. Such as LED filament design and manufacturing technology, filament lamp glass bubble sealing technology, no flicker constant current drive power technology. Like their ancestors of incandescent halogen lamps, LED filament lamps need to be filled with a mixture of gas bubbles in the bulb, resulting in excellent thermal conductivity through the formulated gas that quickly dissipates the heat of the LED to the glass envelope. Good thermal conductivity also need to spread heat from the LED, the bottom of the LED is a thermally conductive substrate and a powerful medium. There is also a need to shape the LED and substrate and some of the electronic components through the neck of the bulb like a boat into a bottle. Few materials will meet all of these requirements, so further innovations in this area should come as no surprise if stylish LED filament bulbs still exist. 

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