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Install LED lights on both sides of zebra crossing to allow pedestrians to cross the road more safel

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on :2018-03-21
A designer studio in the UK has introduced a safer design for pedestrians crossing the road: on both sides of the zebra crossing, an dimmable LED light bulbs is installed. The light can sense pedestrians crossing the road and turn red to remind the vehicle to wait.

The lamp line is usually flashing and orange, and turns red when the pedestrian wants to step on the zebra crossing. After the pedestrian leaves the zebra crossing, it will return to its normal state.
The British "Daily Mail" quoted the latest traffic casualty report in the United Kingdom. On average, about 20 incidents involving pedestrians crossing the road occurred in the United Kingdom. Traffic safety experts believe that installing best vintage LED bulbs light on the zebra crossing will help reduce accidents, especially at nights with poor visibility or in dense fog.

Alex Born, who is involved in the design, said that the Economic LED Filament light also help to protect people who are distracted by the phone while crossing the street.