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How many watts of general household LED bulbs

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-04-24
Everyone knows that LED light bulbs are the most energy-efficient(shenzhen LED bulbs energy saving ) and have higher brightness than traditional energy-saving lamps. They have a service life of more than five years. More importantly, they do not produce light pollution. They are not harmful to the human body, and they do not cause environmental pollution. Therefore, most of the domestic The family has already used the LED lighting equipment. Chuangyuan Ming is a professional manufacturer of various LED energy-saving light bulbs. Today we will share with you how the family should choose the LED light bulb and the corresponding power wattage.

First of all, we must first know the range of energy-saving LED light bulbs(vintage LED bulbs for home), which is what we usually say how much area (square meters), and the lamp area is determined based on the power wattage, we can pass a LED light bulb Watts irradiation area data correspondence table to see:
From the above chart, we can clearly see that each wattage has a one-to-one correspondence between the irradiation area and the illumination distance. The user has a lot of reference data in choosing the wattage of the light bulb.

Of course, we can choose the right wattage according to the different environments in the family:

For example, the living room in the home is about 30 square meters. For even distribution, we use 6 plastic clad aluminum LED bulbs, and the color temperature is 6500K (white light).
The home restaurant is about 15-20 square meters, we can use 2 high rich handsome bulb lamp 9W, color temperature is also the choice of 6500K (white light)

Kitchen is about 8-12 square meters, then only need a LED hoist bulb 13W, color temperature is 5000-6500K
Through the above data sharing with the case, we hope to give the majority of users a more practical and effective lighting experience, so that users can install their own LED energy-saving light bulbs for their own home, feel better lighting life.