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Defending Filament Lamp Patent, Crystal Electric Sues A US Manufacturer Infringement

  • Author:Innotech
  • Source:Innolite
  • Release on:2018-05-11
Innovation is at the heart of the value of Jingdian's business, so protecting the investment in the research and development results of Jingdian is vital for Jingdian and its partners and customers. Recently, Jingdian filed a lawsuit concerning patent infringement of filament lamps.

On May 7, 2018, US, Jingdian filed a patent infringement lawsuit against V-TAC USA Corp. (hereinafter referred to as “V-TAC”) in the Federal District Court of Central District, California, United States. In the complaint, Jingdian pointed out that the V-TAC product infringed seven crystals patents and applied for a court order to prohibit the V-TAC from continuing to sell infringing products.

In fact, it is fashionable to promote the growth of OEM vintage filament LED lamps energy saving. This may be more conducive to lighting companies promoting LED products than selling points like “energy saving”. However, the filament LED also has its limitations, such as difficult process, poor heat dissipation, not yet standardized, etc., while the filament lamp market is becoming larger, it also means that the small manufacturers among them are in danger of going out.
For filament lamps(Filament LED lamps manufacturer china), patents have now become a competitive focus in the market. However, it must be said that the global filament lamp patent layout is still more "chaotic", including China, Japan and Europe and other countries lighting manufacturers have external patent claims. This also makes the relevant downstream application vendors appear to be a little bit "intrusive" in this market layout.

Crystal Power injects a large amount of resources each year to commit itself to the research and development of the most advanced LED technology. The total number of patents that have been approved and applied for exceeds 4,000. Jingdian is an early manufacturer of LED filament lamps(Filament LED lamps supplier china). As early as 2007, Jingdian launched the layout through related patents. Crystal's intellectual property has laid the technical foundation for LED filaments (lights) and/or LED lights and benefits all kinds of related products in the world.

Crystal continues to invest in research and development to provide the most advanced products and solutions for growing global LED users. Jingdian's LED filament lamp has a complete patent on related chip and partial structure patents, and through licensing patents to mid- and downstream manufacturers in different markets, to increase the competitiveness of customers using crystalline LED chips. As of May 2018, the filament products of Supertrend, QLS and Kaistar have been licensed by Jingde.