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Ai baTesla Supplier EOI to Expand Mini LED Automotive Display Business

  • Author:Innolite
  • Source:LEDinside
  • Release on:2020-09-10

EOI (Excellence Optoelectronics Inc), the tail light module supplier of Tesla, announced that it has received orders for Mini LED automotive display. The company will continue to expand its Mini LED display portfolio covering automotive applications dashboards, head up displays (HUD) and fine-pitch LED video walls.

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EOI began Mini LED display development in 2018 and set up new facility in Taiwan for Mini LED and Micro LED display production. The company has sent sample of its Mini LED display product to a leading automaker for interior display applications. LEDinside learned that the LED chips deployed by EOI are from Epistar and HPO.

Currently the company continue to deliver tail light modules for Tesla’s Model 3 and for Model Y. Despite that the delivery has been delayed due to the pandemic, EOI said that the shipment has been recovered.

In July and August, EOI’s revenues were driven by the shipment of Tesla, growing by 18.71% YoY and 8.96% YoY respectively. EOI expects that its business performance will bounce back in the second half of 2020.