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Cooling solution for large LED lights in outdoor football field

Global energy shortages and environmental pollution are particularly prominent in China, where economic growth is rapid. Energy conservation and environmental protection are urgent problems for China to achieve sustainable socio-economic development.

LEDs have advantages over traditional lighting sources, such as lower power requirements, better drive characteristics, faster response speed, higher shock resistance, longer life, green and fast The improved luminous efficiency and the like have become the next generation of light sources that are most likely to replace traditional light sources in the world.

In terms of commercial applications, LED lamps have become the mainstream choice for outdoor football field lighting. The football field is wide, and the length of the 11-a-side football field is more than 100 meters. The installation of lights in such a large area of ​​the stadium requires relatively high power and projection distance. According to the specifications of the football field, 400-800 watt LED lamps are generally used.

An LED is a solid-state semiconductor device that converts electrical energy into visible light, which converts electricity directly into light. The heart of the LED is a semiconductor wafer, and it is well known that semiconductors generate a lot of heat when they work. The greater the power of the luminaire, the greater the heat. For example, CPU and GPU are like this, so heat dissipation protection is especially important. In the case of poor heat dissipation, the life of the LED will be greatly reduced.

For large outdoor LED lights, heat dissipation is especially important. Passive cooling or air cooling has become more and more unable to meet the cooling needs. This requires the introduction of new cooling technology, and water cooling is a good choice. Regardless of the heat dissipation technology or from more aspects, water cooling will be a mainstream trend in the future.

The advantage of water cooling is that the high heat dissipation efficiency can quickly remove heat and effectively reduce the core temperature. The relatively closed space allows the LED to be protected from dust. This extends the life of the luminaire and increases the brightness of the luminaire. Excellent stability and reduced maintenance costs. In short, the water cooling heat solves the problem of LED heat dissipation. For scenes with more outdoor applications, football fields, basketball courts, stadiums, etc. play an important role.