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Yujileds® LED Matrix Solution with Full-color Functions

  • Auteur:Innolite
  • Source:LED Professional
  • Relâchez le:2022-03-31

Yujileds® Matrix aims to provide high-density illumination with high-performance white, tunable-white light and full-color éclairage options for a variety of applications that require focusing light, accurate chromaticities and excellent color rendition. The Matrix is developed based on the purpose of simplifying the optical design with the small Light Emitting Surface (LES) to accomplish the spectra mixing.

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For different lighting design purpose, Yujileds® provides two different Matrix modules: All-in-one and chip-on-board.

The “All-in-One” LED includes 5 colors and white light as the primaries in a compact package of 7.0mm×7.0mm size (name as 7070H). It is the closest LED to a point light source but with rich and comprehensive spectrum mixing recipes. Each LED package is an individual light source that can achieve full-color functions. The “All-in-One” LED can reach a saturated color gamut in the CIE diagram and excellent white light with accurate chromaticity coordinates. The 7070H LED package with different colors/CCTs is defined as listed below.

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Compared to the “All-in-one” LED, the “Chip-on-Board” LED organizes different colors in a CoB style and is more flexible to define different layout designs with more color options. The whole “Chip-on-Board” is the unit light source that each color on it will be collocated with the adjacent to accomplish the spectra mixing. Different CCTs/colors are defined as the standards on the “Chip-on-Board” as listed below, with 2.0mm×2.0mm size.

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Applied on the board, the colors can be mixed sufficiently after the optics or reflector thus the “Chip-on-Board” is the final point light source.


The “All-in-One” and “Chip-on-Board” present different features thus they lead to different design paths. The different structure makes the optical, electrical and thermal designs differently, solutions would depend on the specific products accordingly.

About Yujileds

In Yujileds, we are a group of people passionate about creating the maximum value for customers. Dedicated to developing LED phosphor, LED light source, and final products, we have accumulated unique experience in different projects. During the past 16 years, we have serviced over 260 business customers in over 33 different countries or regions, in commercial markets, we dedicate to providing comprehensive solutions for specific lighting applications by deeply understanding these markets. Our goal is not only to offer an LED product simply but is to grow with customers and share the success of a business.